Denis Kirev, the Kyiv negotiator who killed Ukrainian 007: ‘He was a Russian spy’

Denis Kirev, the Kyiv negotiator who killed Ukrainian 007: ‘He was a Russian spy’

The only certain thing is that Denis Kiriev, one of the Ukrainian negotiators, was shot in the head in Kyiv. But whoever killed him is dark black. All day Ukrainian media reported that he was killed by the intelligence services because espionage for Moscow was discovered. who fell while on special duties. Thus, his sacrifice “brings Ukraine closer to victory.” He did not mention his killers. In short, a thriller that makes us understand the chaos that pervades the Ukrainian political and military leaders and security services.

Kirev, no denying

Everything erupted in the early afternoon when the media in Kyiv leaked the news that Služba Bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU) men, Zelensky’s 007, had killed a member of the Ukrainian negotiating team for treason, guilty – they said – of disclosing them. Information for Moscow. This is precisely Denis Kiriev, a banker with significant international experience, who is considered a creature of Andrei Petrovich Klyuyev, a well-known Ukrainian billionaire who in the past held high positions in pro-Russian governments. There could have been a tap to nail it. A bad story spread on social networks is increasingly divided between those, who are often loyal to Zelensky, denying the news, and on the other hand, on the opposite front, the pro-Moscow, who condemn the “Nazis” who kill the “non-aligned” negotiators. However, propaganda aside, this story highlights, in its dramatic crudeness, the climate of confusion prevailing within the Ukrainian leadership.The question arises as to why a figure so closely associated with pro-Russian interests was accepted into such sensitive conversations.One of the many mysteries This is a complex conflict that is intensifying after the army’s tweet.

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The news spread instantly

The news was first reported by Ukrainska Pravda, so, albeit with great caution, the killing was also confirmed by UNIAN, the Ukrainian news agency, which is the first to provide important details by revealing the identity of the spy and the way he was removed. “Kyrev was killed in the center of Kyiv. He was executed with a bullet to the head at the entrance to the Pechersk court. It is enough to research his biography to confirm that the modern history of Ukraine is full of conflicts and contradictions. Denis Kirev actually participated in the first round of negotiations, which took place in Gomel, but his name never appeared on the official list of the Ukrainian delegation. His presence is shown only by some photos, in which we see that he is sitting at the interview table, in the end, the only one in a suit and tie, and not in a military uniform.

His career as an international banker originated in the shadow of Andriy Petrovych Klyuyev, a billionaire oligarch with an estimated fortune of $227 million, palatial buildings near Vienna and a major pole in the solar energy market, affiliated with Activ Solar GmbH, a company based in the Austrian capital that develops power plants PV is widespread in Ukraine. But he is above all a major figure in Ukrainian politics in recent decades because he was the right-hand man of the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. Specifically for his support of pro-Russian entities in Ukraine, for misuse of office and embezzlement of public funds, Klyuyev suffered sanctions from half the world, from Switzerland to Liechtenstein, from the European Union, to Canada and finally from the United States in 2015.

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