Aircraft accidents, because Nepal is the most dangerous place to fly –

Aircraft accidents, because Nepal is the most dangerous place to fly –
From Leonard Burberry

Rapidly changing weather, mountains and rough terrain – that’s why every year a fatal accident occurs in the country. Nearly 300 deaths since 2000

Lukla Tenzing-Hillary Airportin northeastern Nepal, Perhaps one of the most impressive airports in the world. It is located at an altitude of 2845 meters above sea level, and it has only one Asphalt runway for landing and take-off is only 527 meters long, bounded by a rocky wall on one side and an almost overhanging back on the other. That’s why he also called it The most dangerous airport in the world In a country located between India and Tibet, which, in proportion to air movement, shows an accident rate well above the world average.


According to the Aviation Safety Network database Since 1919, there have been 40 fatal accidents in Nepal that have claimed 806 lives. But 19 of these accidents – with 292 deaths – have occurred since 2000, approximately one year. The figure also takes into account the last plane crash, May 29, where A 43-year-old twin-engine boat from the local company Tara Air crashes into a mountain with 22 people on board.

Searching operations

According to the pilots, traveling to Nepal is great but also risky. The International Civil Aviation Organization diplomatically wrote that the country’s beautiful but rugged terrain makes safety of air operations more difficult than in other parts of the world., the United Nations civil aviation agency, which in 2015 sent its team of experts to provide technical assistance and improve its operations. According to Icao inspections in 2017, if Nepal is above the world average in terms of legislation and regulations, it ranks below organization, licensing and above all how accident investigations are conducted.

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Nepal’s hostile terrain, with its majestic mountains, and fickle weather makes flying difficult and creates enormous difficulties that contribute to many accidents.the local civil aviation authority reads in its 2019 annual report. The country oscillates from 60 meters above sea level to 8,848 domestic flight activities that require a heterogeneous fleet, ranging from small helicopters to jet aircraft such as the Airbus A330.


According to the local authorities’ report – which looks at cases from 2009 to 2018 – Two thirds of accidents occurred while sailing or landing. But nearly half of the deaths occurred during the sea voyageStressing that what in the world is perhaps the least problematic phase in Nepal is the bloodiest. Once at the Kathmandu airport with international connections, people – especially tourists – board smaller planes to reach various regions among the world’s highest peaks.

EU blacklist

European Commissionin the last April bulletin, Lists 20 Nepalese airlines that cannot fly in the skies of the European Union For some time, from Buddha Air (1996) to the last one presented on the list, Kailash Helicopter Services. Among the names also appears Tara Air, the company involved in the latest accident.

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