Prices at origin will rise by 32% from 2022

Prices at origin will rise by 32% from 2022

In full protests from farmers and ranchers across Spain, Minister Luis Planas confirmed yesterday upon leaving his meeting on the occasion of the Food Chain Observatory that prices at origin “rose very significantly” between January 2022 and December 2023, “even if you deduct the inflation resulting from the increase.” In costs, which peaked in October 2022. Although the extracted data supports this statement with a growth of 32.03% in the aforementioned period, the same does not happen if we look at last year. The prices of more than half of the original products analyzed by the Ministry decreased during the year. 2023, with declines in some cases exceeding 30%, such as lemons.

In the period referred to by Planas there are products with very noticeable increases. This is the case with the prices of the golden apple, which originally rose by 303.83%, and the lemon, which witnessed an increase of 141.99%. On the other hand, if you look at last year's numbers, the price of the first product rose by 16.29%, and the price of the second product collapsed by 37.82%. In fact, the decline in the price of native lemons was the second most pronounced after mackerel (-44.18%). There are products, such as carrots, which barely changed their original price in 2023 (0.30%), and others, such as dozens of eggs, which suffered a decline of 14% year-on-year.

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