European stock exchanges are cautious between the quarter and waiting for the European Central Bank

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – They rush to the top European stock exchanges Along with positive US futures:Quarterly effect It continues to support investor sentiment in stock markets, and balances concerns regarding the spread of Covid and problems Chinese real estate sector Having not respected another builder, Modern Land, he paid the dollar bonds, and returned to express the dangers of a domino effect yet The Evergrande Giant Crisis. In the United States, where Dow Jones and the S&P500 have updated records, Facebook social networking site Opened the tour Big Tech’s budgets announcing Profits higher than analysts’ expectations, to more than $9 billion, although revenue was lower than expected.

Waiting for the European Central Bank, the focus is on inflation

The highlight of the week will be on Thursday, when the European Central Bank meeting is scheduled to take place and focus on inflation. “The focus will be on how Lagarde will comment on the evolution of inflation data and expectations – says Luigi Nardella of Ceresio Investors – since the last meeting in September, there has actually been an increase in timely data and a significant increase in market expectations. : At the top Its levels in the last five and ten years, respectively, the five-year inflation swap – 2.0% – and the 10-year “break-even point” (the difference between the nominal and real yields on government bonds) was 1, 9% We are now close to the central bank’s target European.” Nardella adds that the most important decision, which is how to continue with the bond-buying plan after the expiration of Pepp (Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program) at the end of March, was “postponed to December”.

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Tim runs to Avary yard. Unicredit and Mps are in focus again

On the FTSE MIB From Piazza Avary stands out Telecom Italia Which benefits from goal confirmation by Tim Brasil. Possible repercussions of halting negotiations between the two countries Unicredit Ministry of Economy in Mps Bank. Hence, it is highlighted in particular Banco Bpm Which, once Siena’s option is archived, could end up in the crosshairs of the CEO-led institute. Andrea Ursell. Also good Ferrari NS Stmicroelectronics, while losing ground ampliphone.

Euro/dollar movement is low, and the British pound is in the spotlight

On the currency front, the EUR/USD did not move, while the pound hit a new high for the year in EUR. ActivTrades analysts say: “With the increasing appetite for risk in global financial markets driven by positive earnings, the demand for the British currency is high as the possibility increases that it is only a matter of time before the BoE starts raising interest rates. On the other hand, ActivTrades analysts say, «The euro is under pressure in light of the European Central Bank meeting – they add – the general perception is that the ECB will maintain its current consensual position and reject any request for a rate hike next year. In this scenario, there may be a further decline of the single currency against the pound “.

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