African American jogger killed, three life sentences – world

Justice is being done to Ahmed Arberry, who, like George Floyd, has become a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement. Three white men have been sentenced to life in prison for killing a 25-year-old African American while jogging through the streets of Brunswick, Georgia. After a lengthy investigation, a jury last November found that they had deliberately committed murder. Hard fist now with a model sentence that the victim’s family and the African American community have welcomed with satisfaction.

Travis and his father and son, Greg McMichael, aged 65 and 35, were sentenced to life imprisonment without even a chance to apply for parole in the future. The third defendant, William Bryan, 51, could only do so after 30 years in a room. The Arbury case is one of the most significant in recent times. A young student who was chased during running training was shot dead. As he passed by the house, former police officer Gregory McMichael and his son Travis took their rifles, a 357 Magnum revolver and a pistol, and climbed into their pickup truck and chased him.

Meanwhile, William “Roddy” Bryan, a neighbor, filmed the scene with them, in which Travis attempts to capture the now-trapped Arberry weapon, including shots fired. During interrogation, the defendants, who called themselves ‘vigilantes’, said they suspected the young man of stealing from a house under construction that had just been parked and wanted to detain him until police arrived. The perpetrators tried to impose a defensive line to encourage the shooting that killed the young man. But their thesis was vehemently rejected by the arbitral tribunal. Shortly before the global protests following the assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020, Ahmed Arbery’s case provoked protests not only in the United States but around the world. US President Joe Biden has spoken out about the cold-blooded assassination, while Vice President Kamala Harris has stressed that “for anyone in the United States, if you are an African American, training should become the death penalty.”

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