The new Dacia Duster Pick-up 2023: Want a hair restyling for you, too?

The new Dacia Duster Pick-up 2023: Want a hair restyling for you, too?

Just retouched dacia duster The second generation is preparing to live the last part of his career while waiting for the new model that could be on sale at the beginning of 2024. The car continues to enjoy tremendous success, despite being a product that is not quite in line with the competition at the technological level. The unbeatable price list, combined with the massive space features, make this SUV still relevant and extremely affordable.

The B side of the pick-up version of the Dacia Duster

This is what the revised version of the hut could look like pickup ashtray. This car could debut by the end of this year as a 2023 model. The photos used in the article are photos taken from lovable youtube channel 1. These are unofficial photos. Below is a link to the article:

aesthetically The car will feature the latest generation grille with a modified badge. The lighting will be that of the redesigned duster that debuted in the fall of 2021. Length is possible A little over 460 cm With a practically unchanged cockpit and with a kind of rear tail it turns into a diver. The rear doors will allow convenient access to the rear seats. On board 5 seats and comfortable equipment in line with the versions Basic, comfort and expression.

Excellent loading capacity with the ability to store more than a ton of material in the back. In terms of engines, a Dacia Duster truck can have 1.3 Turbo 150 HP Front wheel drive petrol and 1.5 diesel engine of 125 hp with all-wheel drive. The pickup variant can be a comfortable and reliable co-worker, and it can be purchased at moderate prices, without particular pretensions, but at an excellent value for money. Will we really see this car? We are waiting for certain news from the Romanian manufacturer belonging to the Renault group. Follow us for more updates.

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