Putin’s missiles on Kyiv and US-China tensions over arms – Corriere.it

Putin’s missiles on Kyiv and US-China tensions over arms – Corriere.it
to Lorenzo Cremonese, Andrea Nicastro and Marta Serafini, editorial online

Minute-by-minute news of the war for Tuesday 15 March: Rockets rain on residential areas of Kyiv at night. New Round of Negotiations Today, Zelensky: Tough Talks. US and Chinese tension: Pentagon sources reveal that Beijing will open the hypothesis of military support to Moscow

• The fifth round of talks between Russia and Ukraine: negotiations will resume at 10.30 am Kyiv time. the premise that Kyiv is ready to make major concessions On the critical points of the negotiations.
• According to the Financial Times Russia was going to ask China Military assistance and money to support the invasion. Beijing will open the possibility of supplying the Meuse with weapons, Still newspaper reports.
• French President Emmanuel Macron will call Russian leader Vladimir Putin again in the next few hours: Macron himself announced on TV.
• Russia decided to freeze exports of white and raw sugar until August 31, and wheat, rye, barley and corn until June 30.

6.45 am – Chancellor Zelensky: The war could be over by May Oleksiy Aristovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, says the war in Ukraine is likely to end in early May when Russia runs out of resources to attack its neighbor. You can read it on .’s website Al Jazeera, which in turn cites some local media. “I think that by May, early May, we should have a peace agreement, and maybe much sooner, we’ll see, I’m talking about the latest possible dates,” Oleksiy Aristovich said in a video published by various Ukrainian media. We are now at a crossroads – added Zelensky’s adviser – either there will be a peace agreement that will be reached very quickly, in a week or two, with the withdrawal of forces and everyone, or there will be an attempt to unite some of them, for example, the Syrians for a second round and an agreement by mid April or late April.

6.40 a.m. – Shanghai Stock Exchange saw sharp fall in COVID and Ukraine
Shanghai Stock Exchange opens sharply. As a result of the sharp increase in cases of coronavirus, which has undermined the prospects for the second largest economy in the world, as well as the fact that the Chinese central bank is already in trouble. The crisis in Ukraine also continued to weigh on market sentiment, reviving concerns. The CSI300 is down 1.8% at the end of the morning session, while the Shanghai Composite is down 2.2%. On the other hand, the Hang Seng Index lost 3%.

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6:35 am – China denies the United States: It did not order weapons from Russia
China denied the allegations of US officials, who claimed that Russia requested military assistance (drones and missiles) against Ukraine. Beijing’s envoys themselves have accused Washington of spreading harmful misinformation that threatens to exacerbate the conflict. Misinformation, responded to the Chinese Embassy in London. The embassy added that Beijing reiterates that it plays a constructive role in promoting peace talks. And then: the top priority now is to work toward a diplomatic agreement rather than further aggravate the situation.

4.47 am – Rocket rain over Kyiv
Some of the eruptions occurred shortly after five (local time) in the center of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The news spread on social media. At least three explosions occurred in a residential area. According to unconfirmed sources, these will be ballistic missiles. The explosions, as can be seen in some videos posted by the Ukrainian armed forces on social media, damaged a 10-storey apartment building in Kyiv. Many apartments on fire. The building was badly damaged. Lots of debris – notably broken glass and windows – had accumulated in the yard in front of the building.

3.11 am – Anti-aircraft sirens in Kyiv
Sirens go off again in Kyiv to declare air alert. What was stated in the report of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, calling on all citizens to urgently reach the shelters of civil protection.

2.32 a.m. – UNHCR: $200 million raised to help Ukrainian refugees
The amount collected in two weeks for operations during the Ukraine crisis by UNHCR amounts to 200 million US dollars (182 million euros). Donations were made by companies, foundations and philanthropists. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, this is a record amount, as reported by international media. I would like to thank companies, foundations and philanthropists around the world for the kindness and generosity they have shown in helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Millions of them are in dire need of assistance. High Commissioner Filippo Grandi said, as the crisis deepens, I ask the private sector to continue supporting. According to estimates by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of people who have fled Ukraine under the Russian offensive has exceeded 2.8 million since the end of February, in addition to two million internally displaced persons.

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2.30 am – The The New York TimesRussia uses missiles that emit radio signals that confuse Ukrainian radars
Russia uses obscure munitions in Ukraine: its Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles fire decoys, a kind of bait, capable of confusing air defense systems and radars. Reports on The New York Times Citing intelligence sources, she said, the missiles launch their bait when they warn that they are in the range of air defense systems. Such baits are capable of producing electrical and radio signals that confuse enemy radars, as well as contain heat sources that attract incoming missiles. The use of diversions can help explain why Ukrainian systems are so difficult to intercept Russian Iskander missiles.

1.54 – Zelensky: Grateful for the woman who stunned the Russian news
President Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the peaceful protester who boycotted the main news program of Russia’s Pervy Kanal TV channel, by displaying a banner against the conflict in Ukraine. I am grateful to those Russians who do not give up trying to tell the truth, who do not give up telling their friends and relatives how things are going, and I am especially grateful for this woman who entered the studio of Channel One with anti-war Zelensky said. The woman, whose name was Marina Ovsyankova, an employee of the main Russian television network, stood behind the news anchor by raising a sign that read: No to war. Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda they tell you to lie here
. Then the Ukrainian president continued: in 19 days, the Russian army killed more soldiers than two bloody wars in Chechnya.

1.04 a.m. – From China to the US: Don’t spread false information
China has warned the United States against publishing false information that distorts or distorts China’s position on the crisis in Ukraine. The warning, the agency said XinhuaThis was stated by the Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yang Jiechi, during the meeting in Rome with the US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, and without making a precise reference, it comes the next day. Media revealed that Russia requested military assistance from China in the invasion of Ukraine
. Sullivan himself, on the eve of the meeting, as well as at the end of the talks, warned Beijing against supporting Moscow, threatening the consequences of such a move for Beijing. China also continues to call for maximum restraint in dealing with the crisis in Ukraine, stressing the importance of protecting civilians and preventing a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

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00.58 – Biden: We will make sure that Ukraine has weapons to defend itself against Russia
We will make sure that Ukraine has the weapons to defend itself against the Russian invasion. We will send money, food and aid to save Ukrainian lives. We welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms. So on Twitter US President Joe Biden.

00.40 – United States and China: Yang to Sullivan, managing disagreements and not having conflicts China calls on the United States to manage differences and avoid conflicts and clashes under the current international situation, after the meeting in Rome between Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Yang Jiechi and US security advisor National Jake. Sullivan. China and the United States have reached consensus to improve mutual understanding, manage differences, expand consensus and strengthen cooperation, the state broadcaster said in a statement. China Central Television . In the current international situation, the statement CCTV Without directly referring to the war in Ukraine, which was taken up in discussions by senior officials in Beijing and Washington, China and the United States should strengthen cooperation, properly manage differences, and avoid conflicts and confrontations, for the benefit of the two peoples, and in accordance with the expectations of the international community.

00.34 – Zelensky: negotiations with Russia will continue on Tuesday
Ukrainian President Zelensky said negotiations with Russia would continue on Tuesday. Zelensky also said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as part of a negotiating effort to end the war with Russia in a just peace. In his nightly video address, the Ukrainian president added that our delegation also worked on this matter in negotiations with Russian diplomatic envoys. Very well, I was told. But let’s see.

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