Julian Assange, rejected the appeal against the appeal ruling: he will be extradited to the United States

Julian Assange, rejected the appeal against the appeal ruling: he will be extradited to the United States

For the 50-year-old Australian activist (who has been pursued by US authorities for more than a decade for helping to spread the massive amount of classified files stolen from US archives, including the Pentagon, from 2010 to 2011, uncovering evidence of war crimes committed between Afghanistan and Iraq) was the most predictable end.

Overturning the judge’s decision on appeal

The kingdom’s Supreme Court, whose lawyers were delegated to apply to a last-chance court in January, refused to reconsider the case, dismissing the defense’s “legal points” of review as non-existent. From the second-tier ruling: The judgment that appeals judges in December overturned the extradition refusal was contested in first instance by Judge Vanessa Barister on the grounds of the health and psychological conditions of Assange – who had spent seven years as a refugee at the Ecuadorean embassy in London and three others at Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison. In London they are awaiting trial, despite the fact that in the meantime, the controversial rape allegations brought by the Swedish judiciary against him have been dropped – and an expert report indicated that he is at risk of suicide if left to the rigors of American justice.

The papers are referred to the Minister of Interior for final approval

At this point, the file is due to return to the table of Baraister, who can do nothing other than take note of the final decision and pass on the papers to the Home Secretary to obtain the necessary political status (granted by the current owner of the Home Office) in Boris Johnson’s government, Pretty Patel) to carry out the hotly contested extradition order to Washington’s great ally: within 28 days which would also be triggered if defense attorneys attempted to appeal to an international court.

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Activists’ complaints

All this despite complaints from supporters and human rights activists associated with the United Nations and associations such as Amnesty International or Reporters Without Borders against what has long been referred to as a form of persecution, as well as a threat to freedom of information. . By itself: especially if we consider that the “accused” WikiLeaks files were published by some of the most prestigious newspapers in the West. Essentially, today’s tipping point points to the fate of the former Australian red primrose, and possibly forever. In the international context of a new Cold War with Russia, provoked by the invasion of Ukraine by order of Vladimir Putin, which could be a kind of merciful coup for a voice long considered “anti-Western” like Assange.

American assurances of British justice

To protect him – amid the confusion and protests of those defending him – only the assurances given by the US authorities to the British Court of Appeal, on paper – to remove the fear of suicide – to avoid solitary confinement in a difficult prison and imagine a less than maximum sentence, remained. In the United States, where he has been stalked for more than a decade, Julian – who was almost like the last wish of a death row inmate – was allowed to wed on March 23 in Belmarsh Prison with South African lawyer Stella Morris, a companion who gave him two children during his asylum period. At the Ecuadorean embassy – he takes a lot of risks in every way.

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What are the risks in the United States Theoretically up to 175 years in prison, given that he is accused not only of the crime of alleged complicity in hacking the Pentagon’s archives, but even of violating the Espionage Act (Espionage Act of 1917): never published in modern American history due to the issue of publishing classified documents or even Top secret in the media.

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