December 9, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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speedrunner finished it in less than thirty minutes, it’s a new record –

elden ring It is not only a phenomenon among ordinary players, but also among speed runner, who are fighting each other to be able to finish it as quickly as possible. Streamer Distortion2 has posted a video proving that it has gained access to a domain 30 minute threshold to reach the conclusion of his adventures at Interregnum. More precisely, it took 28:59.

Considering that a few hours ago we launched a sprint in which the Elden Ring is completed in just over thirty minutes, if it continues at this rate we will soon be under twenty minutes.

Distortion 2 is fast racing any%, a category for which the end justifies the means and fast runners can exploit loopholes and mistakes to celebrate their time. Of course it’s not like playing Elden Ring like this, but as you well know, racers focus more on speed than on the integrity of the gameplay, so in their case, the use of certain funky shortcuts is justified and, in fact, paradoxically virtuous.

The danger for them is that FromSoftware Close some leaks and prevent other such races. However, as long as they are there, you can rest assured that they will be taken advantage of.

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