Sparked a clash between the FBI and China, who

Sparked a clash between the FBI and China, who

there The nature of Covid-19 It is still shrouded in mystery. In fact, three years after the outbreak of the pandemic, there is still no sure answer as to how the virus that has kept the whole world in suspense has arisen and evolved. Many studies in the past have tried to clear things up, but subsequent research has dismantled previous studies and today there is one study that sparks debate more than anything else, leading to New ground for confrontation between the United States and China.

Covid born in the laboratory, according to an American report

The latest study on Covid-19 comes from the US Department of Energy. According to the reports of the Washington Post, in fact, according to the American authority, the nature of Covid-19 will be found in Chinese laboratories, with the virus that will then evolve in the rest of the world due to a fatal error.

For the United States, the FBI confirms on behalf of President Christopher Wray The virus may have originated from a laboratory in Wuhan And later in the event of a possible accident, it would have developed in the rest of the world. China, the office continues, and then tried to face the problem and obfuscate it.

Therefore, the virus could have been created in a laboratory according to what for Americans is nothing more than a A new way of waror deadly bacterial weapons.

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China responds to US accusations about Covid

The response to the US was not long in coming from China, with Beijing flatly denying the allegations. In fact, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said that China has always supported and participated in the scientific tracing of the novel coronavirus and that the tested leak is considered “Not very similarFrom the China-WHO expert team who visited the Wuhan laboratory in early 2021.

For China, in fact, the World Health Organization presented a study “widely recognized by the international and scientific community”.

Accusations of politicizing the virus

After accepting the accusations, Beijing counterattacked by pointing the finger at the United States. Indeed, China reiterates that US intentions include politicizing the virus.

Indeed, Covid-19 seems to be increasingly leaning towards a political issue, with the US decision to conduct field intelligence studies confirming this for China. They began to slander us by claiming that Beijing could supply “lethal weapons” to Russia. Now he reintroduced the question of the traceability of the viruses’ origins “they said from Beijing, with the Chinese repeating the concept:” The question of the traceability of the virus’s origins was on the table. US politicians use it As a very powerful political tool, it can be withdrawn at any time to disgust people because of its unverifiable and hard-to-refute nature.”

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