Surprised in Spain, I saw the snowy owl from Harry Potter – World

For several days the ornithologist in Spain was in turmoil: the reason was the sighting of three specimens of the snowy owl (Pobo scandiacus), an animal known in mass culture in particular, in the north of the country. Harry Potter saga, as a faithful companion of the famous wizard. As reported by the various Iberian media, the sightings of these animals aroused astonishment and great interest from experts and bird lovers, who flocked to the region of Asturias and Cantabria to try to observe and immortalize them.

According to ornithologist Juan Carlos Vazquez, it is in fact a species of bird that lives mainly in Canada or, in Europe, in areas close to the Arctic Circle. Apparently, one of the three specimens was found in Cantabria about two weeks ago in poor health and died for a short time.

Two more were seen in the following days. How they got to Spain, where there are no sightings of a snowy owl before those days, is not clear. According to Vasquez, the raptors in question may have entered the sea and disembarked on a ship to rest, then continued their journey there.

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