Quarrels over the future of Gaza between Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Defense Minister

Quarrels over the future of Gaza between Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Defense Minister

Quarrels and challenges between the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuHis Minister of Defence, Yoav Galant. The reason is mainly because of what will happen “the day after” the war in Gaza, as he said that he will not allow any solution where the Israeli civilian or military government is in the area. Gallant’s statements were immediately supported by his ministerial colleague Benny GantzNetanyahu has embroiled Israel’s leaders in a very public row amid the conflict in Gaza, sparking immediate speculation about his future in the Israeli government and Netanyahu’s fragile coalition.

In uncompromising statements, Gallant — whose dismissal by Netanyahu last year sparked mass protests, a political crisis and an eventual backlash by the prime minister — publicly called on Netanyahu to outline plans for a “plan for tomorrow” for Gaza. Gallant’s statements sparked an immediate political row, and Netanyahu quickly responded with a video-recorded statement and a call from the far-right Minister of National Security. Itamar Ben GvirSo Gallant was replaced.

Gallant criticizes the lack of planning

But Gallant has the support of his colleague, Minister Benny Gantz, The former IDF chief of staff, who said Gallant told “the truth.” In a press conference held Wednesday afternoon in Tel Aviv, Gallant claimed that he requested the formation of an alternative ruling body in Hamas, but did not receive any response. And in his word, Gallant criticized the lack of political planning for the next day. Highlights Watchman.

Gallant’s comments come after months of tension between the two men and recent reports in Hebrew media that senior IDF officers were concerned that the lack of an alternative to Hamas would force the IDF to return and fight in areas where they claimed Hamas was already present. The Israeli occupation forces were defeated, including in northern Gaza, which was the scene of intense fighting this week.

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Galant said: “On October 7, the military establishment announced that it was necessary to work to find an alternative to Hamas.” He said, “The end of the military campaign is a political decision. The next day for Hamas will only be achieved by parties that replace Hamas. This is, above all, an Israeli interest.” Galant said that military planning “was not put up for discussion, and what is worse is that no alternative was presented in its place. The civilian military regime in Gaza is a bad and dangerous alternative to the State of Israel.” In this regard, he stressed: “I will not accept the establishment of a military government in Gaza,” and added that a “civilian-military regime” in Gaza will become the main effort there, and will occur at the expense of other regions. “We will pay for this in blood and victims, and it will have a heavy economic cost.”

Gallant’s comments appear to be the culmination of growing frustration among Israeli military leaders toward Netanyahu. head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, The movement insisted on Wednesday that the movement would participate in the decision of the post-war government in Gaza alongside other Palestinian factions. Netanyahu will be well aware of the enormous political risks that may result from dismissing Gallant for the second time after his forced withdrawal earlier, as the same British newspaper indicates.

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