Putin’s daughters have been sanctioned by Europe, the United States and the G7- Corriere.it

Putin’s daughters have been sanctioned by Europe, the United States and the G7- Corriere.it

The European Union imposed sanctions on the two Daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The intent to go in that direction was revealed by The Wall Street JournalCiting diplomats familiar with the plan. And this afternoon, confirmation came from a high-ranking official in the United States administration: Maria and Ekaterina, daughters of the Russian President and also Ekaterina, Daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Serge Lavrovwill be affected by the sanctions imposed by the United States in agreement with the Group of Seven and the European Union.

at A new package of sanctions, coming in the next few hoursAnd Herman Gref, head of Russia’s Sberbank, and oligarch Oleg Deripaska are likely to be affected.

We know – the US official explained – that Putin and his associates use their families to hide their assets, which is why we decided to freeze the relatives’ assets as well.

Putin rarely speaks publicly about his family. The official news, confirmed by the Kremlin, talks about Two daughters with his ex-wife, Lyudmila Putina: Maria and Katerina, 36 and 34 (For privacy reasons, the two girls would have chosen to change identity, assuming different surnames: Katerina Tikhonova And the Maria Vorontsova: but their new identity has never received confirmation).

A few days ago, reports emerged that Putin’s alleged mistress,Alina KabaevaHe will be hiding in Switzerland with their young children.

Kapiva, Former Olympic gymnast, gold medalist, 38He will have four children with the 69-year-old Russian leader, but the two have not officially confirmed this.

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Written by Fabrizio Dragosi hereIn June 2021, Putin’s two official daughters will appear at the same public event, perhaps for the first time since Putin took power. But no one can swear that they are indeed the two daughters of the president, because both use other surnames and no one in Russia dares to ask overly unwise questions on a topic that Vladimir Vladimirovich loudly and clearly said is forbidden.

The daughters of the president and his ex-wife Lyudmila, who married in 1983, has disappeared from the official scene since 1999. A former KGB agent was chosen as his successor by Boris Yeltsin and appointed Prime Minister (in 2000 he replaced Yeltsin, who resigned). Immediately, the two girls studying at the German School in Moscow (the family lived in Communist Germany when Putin was head of the KGB station in Dresden) were withdrawn from the institute and continued for the year in private. Officially, they never talked about them, and Putin on some occasions was limited to saying that They are fluent in different languages, pursue their careers, and live in Russia.

He wrote that Maria married a Dutch businessman and that Katerina joined the son of Putin’s close friend Nikolai Shamalov. For now, they both use other nicknames, as we’ve seen.

His wife Lyudmila was to marry again to a businessman twenty years younger than her and would live in a kind of castle in Biarritz in France.

Alina Kabaeva – the alleged lover of Putin – from a simple athlete, has made a brilliant career and now heads the company that controls some of the main TV channels and is owned by the oligarchs and friends of Putin.

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