Dresden robbery of the fifth century convicted. What we know, dark spots – Corriere.it

Dresden robbery of the fifth century convicted.  What we know, dark spots – Corriere.it

Sooner or later — you can bet — someone’s going to make a movie or TV series out of it. But a story The amazing “heist of the century” (113 million euros worth of diamonds were stolen from a museum in Dresden) It should also include the ending. German city court has Five material offenders were convicted yesterday From theft but some accomplices remain free and above all a part of the wonderful stolen goods has not been recovered. As befits any yellow of this type.

The latest development of the case says that five members Remo band (A clan of North African origin that has been active for years in Germany and They specialize in banking and cash transit assaults) were sentenced to imprisonment Between 4 and 6 years in prison all; Other accomplices had already negotiated a sentence in 2021 that would also allow for Part of the stolen jewels discovered in Berlin. But still everything is clear about what happened on November 25, 2019 in the legendary hall at The Green Crypt at Dresden Castle.

That night, around 4 a.m Fire knocks out an electrical keyboard Nearby is the castle, built by Augustus in Poland in 1723, where priceless treasure is kept. It’s the trick that thieves devised invalidate Museum alarm system. At this point, the gang cuts through the window screen and enters the Sala della Vola Verde, He knocks down display cases with an axe And he goes carrying a white eagle brooch studded with hundreds of diamonds and precious stones, a sword with his handle and a box also studded with precious stones, and other things, one of which has been installed Saxon White, a 41-carat diamond from India. Estimated loot value: 113 million euroswhich automatically makes a raid on a castle a “coup of the century”.

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But – as in any self-respecting detective story – The gang makes a mistake Or at least something unexpected happens: like this A TV camera “saves” from the fire Surveillance that keeps running and picking up on thieves’ actions. From there, the investigation of the thieves begins.

The turning point came the following year when A.J A private Israeli investigation firmCommissioned by the museum, it traces part of the jewelry offered for sale at Dark Web: 9 million euros paid strictly in Bitcoin. From there begins the crucial part of the investigation that leads to the arrest of the members of the Remmo gang on November 17, 2020. Some of them say that multiplication idea flashed many years ago, during a school trip To the castle This is a small part of those who participated in the plan (about twenty people at least, according to the German police), which the detainees do not open their mouths to.

It is reasonable to expect that Someone is still at large enjoying the fruits of the “coup of the century”.Especially since some of the jewelry hasn’t been put back in place yet. For example, the legendary «Saxon White» is missing and a shoulder girdle with other diamonds set upon it. As well as the “pectoral bow” that belonged to Queen Amelie.

However stunning and exciting it is, it nonetheless represents the “stealing of the century” with reference to the 21st century. The Green Vault assault does not hold the record for art thefts The 113 million valuables stolen in Dresden is a far cry from the spoils collected by the unknown thieves. March 17, 1990 They entered the halls Gardner Museum in Boston. That night they disappeared 13 paintings by Rembrandt, Degas, Manet, Vermeer and others with an estimated value of 500 million. None of the masterpieces were Not found again. Despite a $10 million award to the authors and a “big bonus” offered by the auction house Sotheby’s.

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