June 9, 2023

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Sony tells Japanese shopkeepers to open chests to avoid promotion – Nerd4.life

Sony is trying to counter a phenomenon promotion to PS5 In Japan in every possible way. It even went so far as to demand from shopkeepers Open the chests of consoles for sale, in order to make resale more difficult.

The system devised by the Japanese house is actually quite ingenious. The Cans PS5s arrive in stores with large stickers that can only be removed with tools provided by the manufacturer.

Labels are removed after every sale in front of customers. This way, promoters can no longer resell the consoles as new, because the packages are damaged where the stickers were stuck in. This initiative has been going on for over a month now, but there is still no data on its effectiveness.

However, having to devise such complex systems to protect sales, with relative costs, is a clear sign of how widespread the speculative phenomenon is and affecting the trend of devices, especially for such high demand as the PS5.

Be that way, as the months go by to request The console is in stable condition, although it is still very difficult to find units available in stores.

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