The Russo-Ukrainian War, Live Coverage – The Guardian: “Summary executions and torture in Trostiantes”. Kyiv: “400 civilians missing in Hostomil.” The United States sends another 100 million in aid

The Russo-Ukrainian War, Live Coverage – The Guardian: “Summary executions and torture in Trostiantes”.  Kyiv: “400 civilians missing in Hostomil.”  The United States sends another 100 million in aid

Guardian: “Summary executions, torture and looting in Trostiantes”

Evidence of summary executions, torture, and looting has been verified by Guardian reporters in Trostianets, an attractive and historic resort town 20 miles from the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Sumy region, which Russian forces occupied for a month. What presents itself now is a panorama of tattered tanks, corpses of howitzers, hundreds of boxes of ammunition, grenade shells and Grad rockets fired by the Russians from Trostiants in neighboring towns. Destroyed buildings, pro-Russia slogans on the walls and insults against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Thirty days after their arrival, in the wake of the Ukrainian counterattack, Russian soldiers left the city and behind them a convoy of tanks and trucks full of loot and stolen vehicles was stained with Z-marks, a symbol of the invasion force. It was too early to make a reliable estimate of the number of civilians killed: “Surely more than 50, but probably not hundreds,” said Yuri Bova, the mayor of Trostianets. The mayor said that when the invasion began, there was no time to decide what to do: “Trying to fight against tanks with a few guns meant certain death, so we made the decision to become partisan.” Many have left their homes to flee to neighboring villages.

Kyiv army: 400 civilians disappeared in Hostomil

About 400 residents of the Kyiv suburb of Hostomil went missing after 35 days of Russian occupation. The complaint comes from the head of the local military administration, Taras Domenko, who spoke to a local radio station in a broadcast carried by Orainska Pravda. She added that authorities are currently searching basements in the area, citing, for example, people who have lost the case of the husband and son of a local doctor who were relocated 12 days ago. Then Domenico spoke of the impossibility of finding the bodies of some of the people who had apparently been killed. Hostomel is located northwest of Kyiv, close to the airport. The suburb has seen heavy fighting since the start of the Russian invasion in February. Most of its 16,000 residents fled. Many Hostomel residents are found in Bucha. A few days ago, Ukrainian forces retook Hostomil, along with other suburbs of Kyiv, Bucha and Irpin.

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Turkey calls for investigation into Bucha and Irbin incidents

“Our primary expectation is to open an independent investigation into the events to determine who is responsible.” This came in a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry regarding the Bucha and Irbin massacres in Ukraine. “Targeting innocent civilians is unacceptable,” the statement said, adding that “Turkey shares the pain of the Ukrainian people.”

Kyiv: “The Russians hit an oil depot in Dnipro”

“During the night, the Russian army launched several air raids on the Dnipropetrovsk region and hit an oil depot,” he added. It was written by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, Valentin Reznichenko, on Telegram, which was taken by Ukrinform. The night was worrying and difficult. The enemy attacked our area from above and hit an oil depot and one of the factories. The oil depot with fuel was destroyed. Rescuers are still fighting the flames in the facility. There is a big fire. The fuel is written burning. It is unclear if there is injuries or not.

Moscow: “We will respond to every hostile act against us”

Moscow “will respond to any act of hostility against Russia.” This came, according to TASS, a spokesman for the Kremlin’s Foreign Ministry regarding the expulsion of Russian diplomats from various European countries.

Ukraine and the Pentagon: “The risk of a spillover of the conflict increases”

We are facing two global forces: the China and the Russiaeach with significant military capabilities and both aim to fundamentally change the rules based on the current global order: we are entering a world that is becoming more turbulent and the potential for major international conflict is increasing rather than decreasing,” said the Chairman of the Joint Task Force. Mark Millie in a parliamentary session. He added that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is “The greatest threat to the peace and security of Europe and perhaps the worldDuring his 42 years of service in the US Army. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin also participated in the same session.

The United States will release an additional 100 million aid to Ukraine

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken He said the United States would release $100 million in additional security assistance to Ukraine to help it respond to the Russian invasion. “I have delegated, after a delegation from the President, $100 million to meet Ukraine’s urgent need anti-armor systemsThe foreign minister, who is in Brussels, said in a tweet.

Mayor Bucha: “I watched several episodes. Russian forces killed at least 320 people.”

The Mayor of Bucha He told the BBC that Russian forces had killed at least 320 of his countrymen during the occupation of the city, adding that he witnessed some of these executions first-hand. “I watched several episodes,” says ANatoli Fedorok. Three civilian cars were trying to evacuate in the direction of Kyiv and they were brutally shot. There was also a pregnant woman whose husband screamed to be shot. But they shot her and brutally killed her.” Fedorok also told the BBC that Russians in particular were looking for politicians. The mayor called on the Russian Foreign Minister, who publicly denied the crimes attributed to the Russians, to “come to the town of Bucha to see for themselves the bodies of the dead, and to look in their eyes their families, mothers and husbands, or children who have become orphans.”

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