“America is on the edge of the abyss. But we populists will save him »- Corriere.it

“America is on the edge of the abyss.  But we populists will save him »- Corriere.it
From Giuseppe Sarsena, our reporter

The former president against everyone in the Republican caucus: This is how the Conservative Political Action Conference concluded. He is now shrugging his shoulders toward the 2024 primaries. Potential contenders await

Washington – Donald Trump Continue shoulder to shoulder towards Primary for 2024. The former president yesterday closed one of the most extreme versions of CPAC, namely Conservative Political Action Conference. For Trump, America is on the brink. Joe Biden and the radical left are turning it into a kind of great Venezuela. We are the only hope to save the country. Yes, we are populists, putting America’s interests first. follow trump Keep track of the latest releases: in Washington, on July 28, at the conference organized by AFP, the Institute for First American Policy; In Waukesha, Wisconsin, Friday, August 5th.

Donald keeps front collision line With all those who do not make themselves available. Big or small characters as they are. Even yesterday it happened Attached to the bottom of the chamber headDemocrat Nancy Pelosi The madman on the trip to Taiwan, only create confusion and problems with China. Everything he touches turns into something bad. take it on it The Old Raven by Mitch McConnellthe Republican leader in the Senate, for allowing moderate Democrat Joe Manchin to ridicule himself and not stop the deal to raise taxes on Americans.

And patience if the aforementioned ruling contains: Minimum tax of 15% only for companies: For Trump, the real contents are trivial details. What matters, however, Exacerbate tensions and divisions Everywhere: in Congress, in individual states, in society in general. The scheme is the usual: the opposition The golden Trumpian eraA tumultuous economy, the most secure frontier ever, the most powerful army in the world, the nation today is systematically devastated. Of course, the special chapter stolen elections: In 2020 we got more votes than in 2016, how do we think we lost? Trump candidates at all levels have been selected on the basis of this distinction: Who claims it? Joe Biden’s victory In 2020 it was a regular, becoming an opponent to be crushed.

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From this point of view, the November 8 primaries give mixed results. But Trump, of course Focuses only on success. The latter, of objective importance, is in Arizona, one of the states elected in the balance. In the race to run for governor, Lake Trampian Cary She beat Katie Hobbs with the support of former Vice President Mike Pence and the Moderate Establishment. At this point, the American media is investigating the Republican base and gathering opinions on an issue that is actually being discussed mainly in Washington.

Trump will be right The number one runner in 2024? So far, no one has come out of the closet. Non-Trump Republicans trust the investigation opened by Attorney General Merrick Garland, which is also based on the work of the House Committee On the attack on Capitol Hill. Potential contenders are suspended. keep going up Quotes from Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. Even if polls give him half the Republicans’ preference for the leader. The distance is also confirmed by CPAC’s rapid detection: 69% of militants still want Trump in the White House. DeSantis by 29%. The first step, however, will touch upon the previous building in New York. Go to CPAC Marks Another stage of the approach For the official announcement: I’m still running for president. A few days ago, Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff, told Corriere: It has not yet been decided whether to enter the competition before or after the midterm elections. Trump is still discussing the matter with his advisers.

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