Deep Heard, why did Amber lose? (Into the craziest operation in the world) –

Deep Heard, why did Amber lose?  (Into the craziest operation in the world) –
From Mathieu Percival

Bruises, undated photos, and videos (and Kate Moss): How Deep Heard’s lawyer put him in crisis

pirate ship Johnny Depp – Luxurious lawyers valued at a thousand dollars an hour, I watched Kate Moss
Surprising as in the old Perry Mason series, a strange procession of nominations assembled among lieutenants, ex-agents, doormen for Hollywood’s premier mansions and bounty—arrived at the port against all odds on the eve, after six weeks of hopping. The craziest operation in the world (The New York Post Yesterday on the front page he defined it as such, crazy) The live broadcast that fascinated social media.

the case

But how did he do that Depp wins defamation lawsuit
Which most experts consider too difficult? The US Constitution retains an extraordinary role in freedom of speech: in public figures one can say and write about everything or almost everything thanks to the ruling of the Supreme Court New York Times Co. Sullivan (1964). Public figures like Depp are legitimate targets Unless the criticisms with actual hatewith actual willful misconductLying knowing that they are lying to inflict harm is a very difficult obstacle for lawyers to overcome. But it is one of the first things they teach in law schools in countries like America where it is a tradition Public Law Principle
lying in one, falsus in the whole
A witness who lies about something is no longer credible. Here then, Team Depp’s strategy, both simple and risky, was to sow doubts about ex-wife Amber Heard’s credibility, and even his goodwill. The seven jurors decided that Heard acted with them actual hateactual grudge against Deb, slandering him.

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The trial will be studied in law schools as it was in his time Og Simpson: Depp’s lawyers were led by Camille Vasquez A he heard That charitable donation of $7 million (received from Depp at the time of the divorce) never came. The enraged actress became embroiled in an argument over the literal meaning of the promise that it did not help her. Another defining moment: the useless lies. Heard, who initially denied involvement, then admitted that videos of her quarrels with Depp that were filmed in secret were not personally sent by her to the scandal site. Tmz But only she and her lawyer got the videos. The one who insists he did not warn the paparazzi about his appearance in court was heard with a bruise on his face.


Why ruin your credibility in this way? obscurity. So when the jury saw unpleasant evidence such as missing metadata from digital photos of the alleged bruises Depp left on his face (I suspect it was a trick not to show that the photos had been tampered with), the result was: a lie. about the little things. And for adults? It was really the only suspicion not aroused in the jury, who actually saw the horrific photo of the stool she had left in Depp’s bed (she claimed to be from Yorkshire, and weighs 2kg). And what about the anchor on a popular talk show, where she appeared in perfect condition, less than 24 hours after she believed Depp beat her to death, leaving her black eyes and a bloody nose? Witnesses who swore that they had never seen bruises or blows on his face? Thus, in a series of victories for Depp culminated in Surprise watch Kate Moss Which Heard denied last week (he never hit me and never pushed me down the ladder), which is the actor’s attorney’s final winning move. Yesterday a photo of Moss – who went to see Depp backstage at his concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday night – was on the front page of daily Mail: Was she the one who saved Johnny?

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