Profile | From Emporda to Realizing the American Dream: The Musical Success of Guillem Camus from Villafantin

Profile |  From Emporda to Realizing the American Dream: The Musical Success of Guillem Camus from Villafantin

From Emporda to Realizing the American Dream: The Musical Success of Guillem Camus from VillafantinEmporda

Musician and singer from Empordà Guillem Camus He embarked on a musical path that took him from Villafant to the United States, where he immersed himself in a musical world. A music project funded by the prestigious magazine Rolling Stone. Currently, he carries his music aboard one of Holland America Line's ships as part of a rock band that performs nightly in the exclusive Rolling Stone Rock Lounge, found on only eight of the company's ships.

Camós highlights the opportunity and prestige of playing with musicians from New York, Nashville and Los Angeles in a space sponsored by the magazine. “For me, being from Villavante, I want to play with musicians from New York, Nashville and Los Angeles It's a great opportunity and a great reputation Which allows you to play in a space sponsored by one of the most important music magazines.” It's an amazing live entertainment space where a five-piece band plays a set of songs inspired by this publication's top playlists, according to the shipping company itself.

Guillem Camus in front of the ship where he performs.

At the age of 26, his adventure began when he decided to leave Emporda to explore new musical horizons in Australia, where he participated as a musician in recordings and tours in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, collaborating with artists from the Australian music scene. And events like Texas Country Music Festival in Australia. His career took a turn when he arrived in the United States, where he now serves as the group's lead guitarist playing versions of songs inspired by Rolling Stone magazine's famous greatest hits lists. “Now I'm playing on everyone's cruiseNorth America, Central America and South AmericaWe perform versions of classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, all American, folk, country, rock and blues music with a band of American and Australian musicians.”

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Camus has seen many of his predictions come true, for example when he spent three weeks rehearsing in New York for a Rolling Stone Lounge project. “The season is six months long and I don’t know if I will continue or choose other projects: I want to try to break into the American music industry,“It is not easy, because the level of demand is very high.”

Camós in New York during training.

Live music on the high seas became one of the pillars of his career, This gives him the opportunity to cross borders and make international communications. Despite his success with Australian and American bands, he also recorded a soundtrack for a film produced in California last year.

Camus completed his music studies in Barcelona two years ago, specializing in playing the guitar. At the age of eighteen, The musician from Villafane already had his first solo album on the market inside of merecorded in his own studio and in collaboration with a group of friends, is a proposal that was ready to break the rules and move from metal to pop rock, with Camus as the composer of the music and the messages that were written emerging from within, over time.

“I decided to pursue the American dream and opportunity came my way.”

Loyal to personal project

Although he moved away from Empordà, he remained loyal to his band Will and dirt, with whom he recently released his second studio effort, an EP titled Roller Coaster, which shows an evolution towards harder classic rock. It consists of six songs, four new songs and two previously released as singles. This is their second work after releasing their first LP Outbreak in February 2019 with Maleït Récords which led them to tour in various European countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and AndorraA tour that will be interrupted by the epidemic.

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Camus explains that this new work was conceived before leaving for the United States, but was never published. He participates in the project with Roger Fernandez, bass and vocals (Filope Duniar), and Alex Hortelano, drums and vocals (Pescano). “Then I decided to pursue the American dream and the opportunity presented itself.” He adds, “Although publishing a new work is always an exciting moment, there will be no presentation parties and we will be taking an indefinite period away from the stage.”

Its members are currently participating in professional projects around the world, and this is what makes… Not compatible with tourism. Aside from Camós, the group's guitarist recently left for professional reasons to work in Shanghai, China, which makes it incongruous at the moment to see the three together on stage playing the new songs from this EP.

Now, audiences can enjoy Roller Coaster on all major digital platforms, as the band showcases their new sonic direction. With topics like do not lose it, breaking the rules Which was issued recently The super dose, the woe and the dirtPromise an exciting journey through this new material.

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