Alessandra Mastronardi controversy over her ad

Alessandra Mastronardi controversy over her ad

Actress Alessandra Mastronardi is being talked about once again with an advertisement that contrasts starkly with her always secretive and reserved personality.

July brings fresh orange flowers to the homes of VIPs. Among them is also an actress from Campania Alessandra Mastronardi who will finally get married after missing years with the actor, Ross McCall. Their story was initially born as a simple acquaintance between mutual friends and then sparked during the filming of the movie written and directed by Ross, about us. We are talking about 2017, the story has been going on for 4 years, at the beginning of 2022, photos together were magically removed from their profiles Instagram. On that occasion Mastronardi was also forced to explain the reasons, to dispel the rumors of her alleged infidelity: in fact, she understood that she was not convinced of the person and his feelings.

But in May of the same year, Alessandra was a paparazzi accompanied by another man on the streets of Rome. There is no doubt that he was just a friend as he saw kissing in public and walking hand in hand. As the days go by, here’s the first detail: It is Gian Paolo Sanninodentist at the Tor Vergata Clinic and San Rafael Hospital in the capital.

Alessandra Mastronardi: Criticism of the “commodification” of weddings

The acquaintance of Alessandra and Gianpaolo goes back to before their public outings as friends. In fact, as reported by Mastronardi in an interview with Vanity Fair, their relationship began 17 years ago but at various times – be it engaged or one of the two – nothing was ever born. Then time made its turn, and Alessandra found the love she was looking for in Gianpaolo: the love that makes her imagine that the two of them have been together for 20 years.

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The wedding proposal then reached a place in Sannino’s heart, a ’50s-style trattoria in Positano, and they both melted into emotional tears. Alessandra confirmed:

But it was Such a dream and desired thingWhat seemed impossible became reality. I didn’t even look at the ringI think I saw him over an hour later.

It’s weird how it’s just an episode to bring it up series of disagreements about this future union. But let’s take a step back. One of Alessandra’s peculiar traits is that she has always lived her romantic relationships in a discreet manner. And even more so today, there is no star next to her, but an ordinary person. For this reason, Mastronardi has always been admired by fans who, despite her television successes, have always remained disinclined to rant and advertise.

Unfortunately, the fame was interrupted yesterday, when on her Instagram profile she posted a video and some photos with Sannino to advertise the famous jewelry brand. Tiffany & Co. In the background, his words are heard as he hugs Gianpaolo:

But I did not decide to say “yes”. It was already “yes”. It has always been “yes”. It wasn’t a decision.

The publicity so soon after the wedding – scheduled for July – turned fans off, so much so that someone commented under this post

Infinite sadness. But how do you monetize anything? Now there is no real life, everything is just advertising [advertising = pubblicitĂ ].

While waiting to find out if the rings really belong to this brand, Alessandra preferred not to comment on the small “slip” into the hearts of fans.

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