All destinations for this year 2024

All destinations for this year 2024

to'Reus Airport Getting ready to start Summer season. This will start next Tuesday March 19 All tracks will be gradually added to quarantine Which has been confirmed for June this year. With expectations grow by 16% In 2024, the goal is to strengthen communication with Eight different countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain.

Thus, some roads are preserved and opened New destinations – Up to total 26 with nine companies– To try to reach the number1.2 million passengers At the end of the year. the The first plane He will arrive from the Irish city Shannon for them 9.10 hours He will leave there at 9.45. This will be the timetable on Tuesdays, while on Thursdays arrival will be at 4.55pm and departure at 5.30pm.

The next week, the same operator Ryanair Will include flights to Amnesty International from London-StanstedWith arrival at 9.30 and departure at 9.55 on 26 March; And at 10 and 10.25 am respectively on the 27th. Also on March 27 you can travel to Manchester (Arrival at 4:15 pm, departure at 4:50 pm), according to data on the Authority’s website.Inna.

Airlines and communications throughout Europe

Ryanair, meanwhile, adds the route between Reus and Airport Vizi Düsseldorfin addition to various cities in the United Kingdom, com Manchester I Nottingham; Shannon I Dublin to Ireland; Eindhoven, in the Netherlands; I Brussels · Why (Also with TUIfly Belgium). Airlines EasyJet It will again operate at Reus Airport with two new routes to England, London Luton I Manchester.

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Contact airport Paris Orlywhich will be the only one with France, and is preserved through Fueling; And the airline company Jet2 It maintains dozens of routes, such as the last tourist season, with cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow I Belfast (The Charter). In addition, in light 2025A new route will be launched that will be connected Liverpool.

New ones Charter operationswithout regular and specially organized schedules for the groups you request that will join Reus Airport Prague I Pardubice (tourism). On Nostrum Keeps flights from Palma de Mallorcaalso as the only Spanish destination, which will be available between June 18 and September 7.

Cancellation of seasonal tourism

The new season starts just before that Easter Holidayearly enough in the calendar this year, which is why there will only be Three active routes with England During the holidays. These dates It will not benefit hotels on the Costa Doradaas many will wait to open it later Port Aventura Yes, it will be at full capacity, as the 2024 season started close to Carnival.

Achieving the expected passenger growth for the airport infrastructure at Camp de Tarragona requires a Betting on the tourism and hotel sector Seasonality removal. “It is necessary to believe that Reus Airport does not belong to one city and to plan public policies and services jointly, also in cooperation with the private sector,” he noted. Noemi LauradoProject City Councilor of the Reus City Council and President of the Tarragona Provincial Council, in an interview with Tarragona Digital.

In line with the objectives and lines of action that will characterize the future metropolitan area of ​​Tarragona, the diversity of attractions &Gastronomy, Roman heritage, modernity and culture– They will have to help attract European and international visitors Distance yourself from “sun and beach” tourism and guarantee Maximum profit Throughout the region.

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