My friends, a former student ended up in the middle of the street holding a cardboard sign: “I don’t have anything anymore…” | What happened to him

My friends, a former student ended up in the middle of the street holding a cardboard sign: “I don’t have anything anymore…” |  What happened to him

Former student of friends He is worrying fans because he has shown himself in a somewhat unusual way on social media. Let’s find out who he is and what’s going on

friends It’s a talent show Maria De Filippi This represents a good starting point for young people who want to turn their passion into a career. Many come for auditions, but few succeed in impressing their dance and singing teachers. According to the audience, this year also the class was formed for a few weeks It will give you many surprises and emotions.

as always Anna Bettinelli, Rudy Zerbi And Alessandra Celentano She turns out to be the most demanding, which is the reason for the discussions with her Raymondo Todaro, Emmanuel Lou And Lorella Cuccarini They are the order of the day.

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Both dancers and singers do their best because they want to follow in the footsteps of students of previous courses. Angelina MangoFor example, Climbing to the pinnacle of success Totally deserved for the fans.

However, in these hours a singer from one of the previous releases is in the center of attention. He showed himself on social media with a banner with the phrase written on it It aroused the curiosity of the masses. Do you want to know who the boy in question is? Here are some clues that will allow you to find out who he is for yourself.

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Former student of friends He shows himself on social media making an appeal

Born in Settimo Torinese on September 14, 2002, he participated in the twentieth edition. He studied singing and piano while working as a barber. Thanks to the most popular school of Channel 5 he reached the evening stage in the team of Rudy Zerbi. And he didn’t take home the prize money, But yes, he ranked third draw with Aka7even And with the dancer Alessandro Cavallo.

He also had an affair with a classmate Rosa de Grazia. It’s none other than Didinickname Dennis Rizzi. The day before, he made a post that did not go unnoticed.

Deddy’s Instagram post –

A message that impressed the masses

“I don’t have anything else to do tomorrow, but you have to because the fire rules will be issued at midnight.”And here is what he stated in writing in the explanation of the post that contains the two photos. First he displayed a sign with this inscription on the streets of Milan To make it clear that he has nothing to do.

He was clearly referring to the release of his new single, which was released on all music platforms a few hours ago. No doubt this time too You will get another professional fulfillment.

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