May 28, 2023

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41 bis and the law of recovery: resuming the report with two exceptional investigations

“In a season that has marked 25 years of broadcasting, the series report picked up with two extraordinary investigations.” Therefore, Sigfrido Ranucci, Deputy Director of Rai Approfondimento, coordinator and host of the show, on the eve of the start of the new season of Report, broadcast on Monday 3 April at 21.10 on Rai 3.
The first investigation entitled “Black Shadows” signed by Giorgio Mottola with the advice of Andrea Palladino and in collaboration with Norma Ferrara concerns Alfredo Cospito who has been detained for 11 months under sentence 41 bis. The report will reconstruct the different stages of the battle of the anarchist who has been on hunger strike for more than 160 days and which the prison mafia bosses hope to benefit from. “We will show a series of unpublished videos – predicts Ranucci – starting with the attack on the Fossano barracks that led to the life sentence for Alfredo Cospito, then on Giuseppe Grafiano who tells how he carried his son in prison when he was subject to the 41bis regime, and finally a video that plays In it Reina paper and make fun of Judge Nino Di Matteo.
For thirty years, the mafia has been trying to take advantage of all the shortcomings of the harsh prison. The report will exclusively feature the college transcripts of the bosses, their particularly generous academic careers in degrees, as well as an offbeat concentration of more than a hundred mafiosi defended by the same lawyer.
Despite all the problems and setbacks, the 41-bis was the most important and effective tool in the fight against the mafia. Today, however, it is under attack. After the ruling of the European Court in Strasbourg and the subsequent reforms of life imprisonment, mafia prisoners who find themselves under a maximum security regime will be able to leave prison without having to cooperate with justice. The role of associations and cooperatives in the prison sector will be crucial to access to benefits and early release of superiors. In important Italian prisons, some of these associations are linked to the world of the extreme right, led by the heroes of the bloodiest pages of Italian history. “A report,” says Ranucci, “also made a report Due diligence On the companies of Luigi Ciavardini, the fire of the former convicted of being one of the perpetrators of the Bologna massacre and we have seen that he sends invoices with reference companies that deal with prisoners, for more than 3 million euros. He, Francesca Mambro and Giuseppe Fioravanti must compensate the families of the 85 victims with about a billion euros, but so far they have declared that they are unable to do so.
The second investigation in the episode, “Taglia il scalpuri”, by Luca Bertazzoni in collaboration with Goffredo De Pascale, concerns restitution, which literally means reimbursement, but according to Garzanti’s dictionary it can mean revenge: it is in fact a law that risks the status of companies that provide health services The General Assembly is on its knees because it states that when regions exceed spending caps to purchase medical devices, supplier companies must help repay by returning up to 50% of the proceeds from supplies. The payback on the devices is a law that the Renzi government wanted in 2015. “The former prime minister – again Ranucci speculates – gave us an interview in which he admitted that the law was unworkable, and concluded with a joke by giving us an appointment at Fiano Romano Autogrill: “While Minister Beatrice Lorenzin admitted it was a law Badly written, one might wonder why it wasn’t rewritten at the time,” she said.
The law in question was activated by Draghi immediately after his resignation, and now more than 4,000 small and medium-sized companies in the sector risk being closed and, without certain rules, have stopped participating in tenders.
“For this reason – concludes Ranucci – we decided to go to two regions, Tuscany and Puglia, which have a record of exceeding the cap in spending on medical devices, and we have collected some anomalies about the work of spending centers and which are talented.”

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