PP and Vox have canceled the Guillem Agulló Award, which recognized the fight against hate crimes

The Valencian courts agreed to annul the Guillem Agulló award, thanks to the majority of the PP and Vox parties and on the proposal of the latter group, claiming that the name of the recognition It was a “unilateral decision” by the former president From the Parliament of Valencia Enrique Moreira, from Compromis.

For its part, it showed opposition “Anger” She regretted that this coincided with the neo-Nazi group's attack on an anti-fascist camp in Castillo de la Plana.

The last seven years, from one Institutional statement Unanimously subscribed in 2016, the Guillem Agulló Prize is awarded on 25 April each year, Courts Day, to People and entities combating hate crimesin memory of the young anti-fascist who was killed in 1993 by a group of neo-Nazis.

“It has expired”

Fox explained, in a press conference following the Board of Trustees, that he submitted a letter to the courts to obtain the award It won't be
“Conditional” is in the name
By Guillem Agulu.

This is an argument that was supported by the People's Party, which confirmed that it would support a similar institutional declaration again If it was “general” In memory of all victims of hate crimes.

The far-right Vox party has stated that it would be necessary to reach a new consensus to promote a similar award that does not bear the name of a single person, while Miguel Paracina, from the People's Party, stressed that The 2016 Corporate Declaration has expired.

He also considers that the name of the award was “Moreira's personal decision”, and asserts that this recognition could be named Every year in the name of the victim. That is why he is open to reaching an agreement with other groups, even though he does not know whether such an agreement is workable with a settlement.

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Awards Ceremony 2022 (@GVAhisenda)

PSPV anger and settlement

Among the opponents, Socialist Trustee José Muñoz expressed his “outrage” at the cancellation of the award, recalling that the 2016 announcement He was specifically referring to Guillem Agulu.

Muñoz accused President Carlos Mazón of enabling the far right “vaccinate your virus” In the country of Valencia.

As for Compromís, Joan Baldovi accused PP and Vox of “loading” the award that has been awarded in recent years “Perfectly normal”“The People’s Party is once again bowing to Fox’s demands,” he said.

In addition, opposition secretaries expressed their regret over this decision It coincides with the recent mass attack on an anti-fascist camplast Saturday in Castillo de la Plana, during the Magdalena celebrations.

It reminds us of the 80s“Just when we thought things were over,” Muñoz said, he noted that the city’s security adviser, who is from the Vox party, “took a photo of himself with a group of neo-Nazis associated with a soccer club.”

Baldovi has demanded, in the same line “Justice and arrests” After this aggression, he warned that the far right cannot attack people who think differently.

The People's Party Syndicate condemned the events He said he was confident the perpetrators would be caught, while Fox joined the condemnation and criticized attempts to link his party to the attack.

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