Trump sweeps Super Tuesday and begins the presidential battle with Biden

Trump sweeps Super Tuesday and begins the presidential battle with Biden

On Super Tuesday, when fifteen states vote on who should be the nominee of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the November elections, there was a clear victory for Joe Biden and Donald Trump, especially for the latter as Biden had no win. There are no real competitors.

With the final results announced, it can already be said that Trump has won or is in a position to win in fourteen of the fifteen states that were contested, making it clear that he will be the Republican Party's nominee in the presidential election. Presidential election .

Nikki Haley's hopes of resisting the departure of the former president were not confirmed, although she achieved strong results in some areas of the country, especially in Vermont, where she narrowly defeated Trump, her only victory this evening.

As voting continued in the West Coast states, Donald Trump appeared at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, to deliver a speech that was clearly his first in the presidential campaign. Former President Nikki Haley has completely bypassed and launched a scathing attack on President Biden and his policies.

For his part, Biden issued a statement warning Americans that democracy is in danger if Trump returns to the White House,

The Democratic primaries were also a rally for Biden, with the only upset coming in American Samoa where Jason Palmer won the primary, in a contest described by the US media as anecdotal. American Samoa is a territory of the United States, but not a state and for this reason its vote does not count in the presidential election, although it sends eleven delegates to the Democratic Convention.

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