March 26, 2023

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Ukraine Live – Biden in Warsaw: “We will defend democracy at any cost.” Putin suspends the nuclear treaty: “Now more warheads”

Biden: “Article 5 of NATO is a sacred obligation”

“They are not here doubtsUS commitment to our allies child according toArticle 5 Rock solid. Attacking one member is like attacking everyone, it’s a Holy oath And a sacred commitment to defend every inch of NATO territory.” This was stated by the US President, Joe Biden, in his speech from the Castle Gardens in Warsaw, Poland, adding that “Russia knows that too.”

Biden: ‘Freedom is at stake’

We will continue to defend freedom of people and democracies everywhere.” The President of the United States stated, Joe Bidenin a speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. ‘Putin was wrong’ When he thought about invading Ukraine and achieving “victory” in a few days, Biden continued, stressing that “the Ukrainian people too bravealliance allies He is very united. ” According to the American president, in the war in Ukraine “the bet is freedom: This is the letter I brought to Kiev yesterday” in a face-to-face meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky.

Lavrov: “Biden’s performance in Kiev”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Yesterday’s task liquidation a Kyiv From the American president Joe Biden As of one “performance”. “What’s new? A performance in progress. And so it continues, ”he emphasized RIA Novosti. Everything goes like this, for former Western colleagues and within the framework of the operation to save the Ukrainian regime. failed attempts but”.

Biden’s announcement: “New sanctions soon.”

The United States and them allies They will announce New penalties against Russia this week.” He said that Joe Biden from Warsaw.

Biden: “The West does not want to attack Moscow”

“Lthe West do not want to attack Russia As Putin said today. ” He said so Joe Biden from Warsaw. War is one option said the American president. “The United States is not trying to destroy Russia,” he added.

Biden: Putin is skeptical, but we will not get tired

Vladimir put it in “He still doubts we can do that Withstandsbut we will never get tired of it.” The US President said so Joe Biden Speaking at Warsaw Castle. Ukraine never will be, never will be defeat From Russia – added – Gli autocrats They must not be satisfied, they must be fought.”

Biden: “We will defend democracy at any cost”

“L”Europe tested. But we will continue to defend democracy At any cost.” The US President said so Joe Biden Speaking at Warsaw Castle. world democracies reinforce – strengthenThe American president said again.