Bravo (Cs) asks to hear about challenges that “jeopardize” the viability of agriculture

Bravo (Cs) asks to hear about challenges that “jeopardize” the viability of agriculture

It seems difficult to convert the increase in costs into the selling price

Barcelona, ​​March 5 (European Press) –

Communist Party lawmaker Marina Bravo urged Parliament on Tuesday to listen to challenges that, according to her, “jeopardize” the viability of the agricultural sector.

In an intervention in the Chamber's general study on agriculture, he stressed that there are “different, multifaceted and some very strong reasons” for the farmer protests of recent weeks in Catalonia, but also throughout Spain and Europe.

In this regard, she pointed to costs that “in a globalized world, it is difficult to convert directly into selling price” and which, in her opinion, threaten the farmer’s ability to survive.

In addition, he noted that farmers face “pressure to operate on smaller profit margins than ever before” and lamented the bureaucracy, environmental regulations, and unequal and unfair competition that, in his view, affect farmworkers.

He added: “What this government is doing, blaming Madrid, is also being done by some, in the name of protecting the environment, blaming the countryside for everything.”

Bravo concluded that it is not only necessary to respect the environment, but it is also necessary “to have sufficient production that is affordable and sustainable.”

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