Burrata angered the USA

Burrata angered the USA

there burrataa product of excellence in Italian gastronomy, is at the center of controversy for an article published by Sun American journalist On Underground Gourmet, New York Magazine’s food supplement.

In the US they say “stop” burrata

Tammy Teklemariam is a journalist who writes for Underground Gourmet, New York Magazine’s food supplement, and is now at the center of heated debates for Article written on burrata. In fact, until a few years ago, burrata was such a highly regarded and desirable “specialty” product in the United States, that articles and reviews were written about the best places to eat premium burrata. But with the passage of time, things seem to have changed. As Teklemariam writes, the burrata It is popular in many restaurants Americans in the past 10 years so much that he is “tired” now.

In fact, the subtitle of the article published in Underground Gourmet reads: “Can we get rid of all that burrata?”. Thus, the famous Italian food would have gone from a “new and fancy” product to a “boring” one. You must specify that file Journalist criticism They do not target the burrata itself, but rather its uncontrolled spread. The article also reads: “I don’t entirely blame the restaurants — many of them are just beginning to recover after the difficult period of the pandemic — but I catch myself thinking I wish some restaurants would also serve something different.”
For example, Tami Teclamariam explains that in 2013, Chef Ignacio Matos included in his new menu New York Restaurant, Estela (which had just opened at that time) is a dish based on “burrata with green sauce and toast”. Then the restaurant became very famous and even got a Michelin star and this dish spread to many other places. According to her, therefore, the The presence of burrata It has become an excessive style at times, so much so that dishes such as “foie gras with truffle and burrata” have also appeared.

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Burrata spread made in the USA

According to journalist Tammy Tekle-Mariam writing in her article, however, there is a reason why burrata has gone so wild. It is popular in the United States. Burrata, in fact, is a fresh cheese made from cow’s milk, with a spun dough typical of Puglia, and in particular of the Morge region. Burrata is a said product born over a hundred years ago On a farm in Andrea thanks to the brothers Vincenzo and Lorenzo Bianchino. Since then it has become part of the police dairy and spread more and more so that the BBC has even praised the “Made in Puglia” burrata.
Until about twenty years ago, so was the burrata imported into the United States Directly from Italy by air and it was considered a new and innovative product and not very easy to find. Over time, i early producers Of this famous fresh cheese, and one of the most famous of these is certainly “Leone Lattisini”. more internal production of this product means that the sales of this cheese, and hence its popularity, have increased dramatically in recent years. Real Apulian Burrata, and in particular the one from Andrea’s, a PGI product since 2016, clearly has unparalleled flavor and texture.

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