June 2, 2023

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Pnrr: Treu (Cnel), the science of little interest – workers and companies

(ANSA) – ROME, Sept. 19 – “In our country, unfortunately, there has not been enough interest in science for a long time.

From recent hearings at the CNEL of Invalsi and Indire, it emerged that in Italy there is poor development in STEM subjects (STEM, editor) not only for women, as we often hear, but also for men.

This phenomenon increases the skills gap, especially technical and scientific, needed for digital transformation and weakens the economy as a whole. The political science debate is fundamental and will grow in importance. A virtuous example is the great result of scientific research on vaccines, taken by the European authorities to fight Covid. The PNRR, which allocates resources to support science technology and training courses, represents a historic opportunity for Italy in this regard.”

This was stated by the President of Cnel, Tiziano Trio, at the opening of the conference “For a policy capable of implementing its insights, the value of friendly science”, which was held today in Rome. (Dealing).

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