If you have a little memory, you live better: science confirms it

If you have a little memory, you live better: science confirms it

Experts from the Alzheimer’s Research Center at Columbia University have made a really important discovery related to memory. We all know how important it is The ability to remember, to keep in mind all the most important information about us. Memory is also necessary to rid ourselves of the many obligations of daily life.

There are some details that we cannot forget, because they are very useful to us, but we can really do without other information. In fact, the discovery by American scientists is part of this type of study on the function of memory. This is what they found.

Forgetting allows you to live better

Experts have come to the conclusion that one of the functions of memory is suitable to forget. If it is important to devote ourselves to studying and memorizing new information, on the other hand, our brain must also be activated to forget certain memories.

The fact that we forget the details of our lives is a physiological process. In fact, it will allow the mind to clean itself and get rid of the huge amount of information it tends to store.

It’s as if our brain is special Between useful and unhelpful data which do not need to be rolled back. The process by which our brain adheres, erasing certain memories, is very useful, as it will allow us to live better. A brain that can be considered healthy removes everything it does not need.

Why is it important to forget

Thus, having little memory can happen improve our lives. In fact, our mind ends up freeing up space, eliminating all redundant information, which is superfluous. This way of acting allows our brain to focus on certain priorities.

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Indeed, in this way, for example, by freeing ourselves of excess information, we can make better decisions that prove more effective. Moreover, the act of forgetting would also enhance thinking speed, creativity, and mental flexibility.

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In short, it will be a file Functional Mechanism, which, the researchers explained, have nothing to do with pathological conditions, such as those related to cognitive decline. Another mystery is in our brain, which is still a studied organ, but it is clear that we still know very little about it, especially in terms of the possibilities it can reach.

Therefore, if we forget the details, we should not be afraid at all, because the ability to forget, according to scientists, is very precious to individuals, as is the ability to remember.

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