At Circolo Lavoratori Terni, Christmas magic becomes science!

Tierney, Dec. 1, 2022 – Elle Terni Workers Club From From December 4th to January 6th Organizes a calendar of events for all ages starting with Theater to music, from science to the game.

The 10 and 11 December is an event not to be missed Christmas Family ScienceA weekend dedicated to science and entertainment.

Christmas Family Science

Science Factory: a world to discover among volcanoes, robots and augmented reality, a two-day event in which activities are carried out for families and children, on the theme of invisible forces, from climate to the digital world. An accessible science and interactive entertainment experience from the Pleiadi Group; An Italian franchise of experimental science teaching, among their projects is the design and management of the Children’s Museum Verona, the first children’s museum in the Northeast and the fourth in Italy, designed for children and young people from 0 to 12 years old.

We are a team of scientists who are convinced that curiosity is the key to seeing and discovering the world. Teaching is in our hands: the practical and experiential component is the center of the experience and is what allows you to increase your ability to think and imagine.

Our activities, projects and dreams are realized from a principle that over the years has become a real method, our method: to stimulate curiosity and reach understanding through a logical process at first, which immediately transforms into experimentation and practical interaction, referring to lived experience and overcoming initial difficulties.

This method was developed starting with the Montessori and Monari method, and is now called Experimental Logical Processing (ELS).

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(Pleiades, Family Science Birthday)

Family Science Christmas will take place in the interiors of the Terni Workers’ Club.

Reserve your place on the site for free Eventbrite Family Science Christmas.

All events will take place at Circolo Lavoratori Terni, at Via LA Muratori, 6.

These initiatives are for anyone who is curious and willing to participate.

the program:

December 1 – January 6

8 am – 11 pm

Entrance to the Terni workers’ club park

CLT bed

Reconstruction of crib views

The scenography set at the base of the huge Magnolia Garden

Edited by Rosella Giammari and CLT Staff

Free event – free entry

Sunday, December 4th


Cups Hall

Terni Workers Club

Christmas spirit in a jar

Creative workshop for adults and children

Put Christmas…in a jar! Create a Christmas-inspired jar in which you insert a small Christmas memory item.

In collaboration with Fiori

Free event with reservation

Sunday, December 4th


Terni Workers Club Library

Christmas around the world. Tales, legends and packages

Concert show

Riccardo Leonelli is an actor

Stefano Di Mago is an actor

Nikola Mazaya representative

Nadia Boualqi is an actress

Marialona Cipolla is a musician

Free event with reservation

Thursday, December 8th


Terni Workers Club Library

takes a flower

musical party

Gianni and Veronica Neri sing indrigo

by Vocal Master Records

Free event with reservation

Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 December

in the morning and in the afternoon

Terni Workers Club

Christmas Family Science

Science Factory: A world to discover among volcanoes, robots and augmented reality

Experia: an interactive gallery; Ten amazing experiences you have to try! Four science laboratories where you can test your skills

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Beyond Reality: Experiment with the use of Augmented Virtual Reality models

Microworld: A lab using microscopes to discover the living organisms hidden inside a drop of water

Robotics Lab: A lab dedicated entirely to robotics

Vital Investigation: a lab in which kids and teens wear a white coat and investigate unsolved, mysterious cases, by following clues and using their ingenuity

Climatic game: team competition, a few seconds available to answer the question, a push-button board for each group, a large screen to announce the winner of each race

Climate Lottery, a classic Christmas game revisited: when the numbers are drawn, the winners will be able to choose a specific experiment that will be performed live every time with a mad scientist!

By Pleiades, Science Farms

Free events with reservation (for reservations of the climate lottery and climate games reservations for children and their companions, for other events for reservations for Family Science Christmas for children, who must in any case be accompanied by adults)

Saturday Dec 17

9.30 – 15.30

Terni Workers Club Library

Stamps Day with the cancellation of stamps dedicated to geraniums discovered in Marmore Falls Lucarini geranium

Poste Italiane will be there

Postcard exhibition from Virgilio’s Tiroca collection on botany and Marmore Falls

Organized by The Philatelic Department of Terni

Rodolfo M Borzacchini

Free event – free entry

11 ok

Terni Workers Club Library

Meeting with Professor Finanzoni of the University of Perugia, discoverer of the Locarini geranium. In association with the Garden Club of Ternie Pierluigi Cox

Free event – free entry

15-17 hours

Terni Workers’ Club Trophy Room

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“let’s feel”

A creative workshop for creating warm appliques and gift ideas with felt do it yourself

Curated by Beatriz Beltrani in collaboration with the Municipality of Acquasparta

Free event with reservation

21-22 hours

Terni Workers Club Library

Songs for the Earth

Narrative concert by DEC and Antonio Pascal, in association with the Umbria Green Festival

Free event with reservation

Sunday 18th December

15-17 hours

Terni Workers’ Club Trophy Room

With that little face like that…

Expressive reading workshop through theatrical language

For children ages 6 and up Actress Beatrice Beltrani

In cooperation with the Municipality of Aquasparta

Free event with reservation

Tuesday 27 December


Garden Workers Club Terni

Living nativity scene

Organized by the Confraternity of San Giuseppe and San Francesco da Paola

Free event – free entry

Tuesday, January 3


Terni Workers Club Library

Circus in a bag

Clown and juggling show for children from 0 to 99 years old

Organized by the Green Theater Company in Rome

Free event with reservation

Friday, January 6th

From 16.00

Terni Workers’ Club Trophy Room

Epiphany: The most hilarious epiphany ever

A day dedicated to role-playing and board games organized by the Neil Gremorio Association

Evening draw

Free event – free entry


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