‘Soon not available’, farewell to this product on the shelves: indispensable in the refrigerator

‘Soon not available’, farewell to this product on the shelves: indispensable in the refrigerator

This product will completely disappear between the shelves and is a must. What’s going on?

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products gradually Disappear from supermarkets And we should not blame the non-delivery or change of direction of the company. There are serious problems, and over time, many products will not be available on the shelves. Did you already realize this?

It’s a set of domino-effect problems that were generated by the Covid pandemic first and then later Confrontation in Ukraine With high prices and unavailability of raw materials. In short, supermarkets try to make up for some shortcomings but this is not always possible.

Raw materials not available: stop delivery

As mentioned, it is a real crisis all-encompassing, from ever-increasing prices to unavailability Products and raw materials. An immortal economic crisis affecting Italian families, who are trying every day to find solutions moving forward. The same applies to companies and companies that continue to move towards the future, but with great effort.

If the costs are catching up Record numbersThis means that companies must therefore raise or close prices. This is not all, in fact, some are forced to reinvent themselves due to a complete lack of raw materials.

sparkling water
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Product on shelves that is no longer available: Motivation

there News that alerts everyone It’s the product between the shelves that no longer exists and could just be gone. Another Italian company had to say stop due to its current economic crisis.

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They are increasing Display difficulties The mineral water company had to stop. For Italian companies, this is not a good time, and for more than two years they have been trying to float in every possible way.

supermarket products
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The San Pellegrino Group has announced a two-day halt in the production of mineral water, at a plant Bergamo – Rospino Province.

The reason is simple and has to do with the difficulty of obtaining the carbon dioxide supply needed for Create sparkling water bubbles. The level of production finally reached the level of the pre-pandemic period, and then again slipped into crisis.

It is a widespread problem and it still exists Hit many companiesSo much so that this product is not found in supermarkets anywhere. Carbon dioxide shortage is a reality, because extraction and processing costs are increasing.

Carbon Dioxide
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This alert has already been raised before United State A year ago, many companies asked for Government To do something concrete before the situation becomes impossible. The lack of carbon dioxide also has an impact on the medical level which is very dangerous, especially at the moment technologically advanced like this current.

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