Physical problems of an Italian from Castel Volturno

Physical problems of an Italian from Castel Volturno

Napoli are back on the pitch at Castel Volturno after yesterday’s defeat to Bologna: the latest news from the Konami SSCN Training Center.

Bitter disappointment after yesterday’s defeat against… Bologna. Blues Francesco Calzone They completely missed approaching the game and Felsinei took advantage of that.

Terrible boys Thiago Motta They entered the field with great determination and a desire to achieve an important result that might allow them to achieve a historic goal. In fact, Bologna are very close to qualifying for next season Champions League. To make sure Europe enters through the main door, Roma must not win against Atalanta this evening.

At the end of the match, and on the Maradona lawn, the Rossoblu players began celebrating, while Napoli was forced to lick its wounds for another disappointment this season. the azzurriIn light of the press blackout since last night They immediately started training again at Castel Volturno.

Napoli training report, Italian player not available

Napoli and its fans are in a hurry to move on as quickly as possible. The end of the season will certainly be a relief for the entire environment, which will need to regroup for the summer.

The team will have the extremely difficult task of making fans fall in love again, and there is only one path to follow: the path of results. Firstly, we will have to go through the last two races of the season. there The next match will see Napoli face Fiorentina In a match that may also lead to the Azzurri being excluded from the tournament Conference League.

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Zelensky is injured
More problems for Zelenskyy (La Presse) –

The Azzurri want to prepare as best they can, and today they have already returned to training at Castel Volturno. Zelensky is still unavailable.

Below is the training report sent by Napoli:

After the match against Bologna, Napoli resumed training this morning at the Konami SSCN Training Center.

The Azzurri are preparing for the match against Fiorentina scheduled for Friday at the Franchi Stadium in the 37th round of the Italian League (8.45 p.m.).

The team split into two groups. Those who played yesterday from the first minute were unloading work in the gym.

The other men on the team, on Court 1, performed the activation, aerobic strength work and final leg.

Zielinski did custom work on the court.

Source: SSC Naples

Only one is not available to Francesco Calzona, and that is Piotr Zelensky. Polish, however, is Recovering For the first time it is so He returned to taste the field After a muscle injury. In fact, up until this point, he had only been doing personal work at the gym.

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