False budget and fictitious capital gains: Juventus achieved

Capital gains and “suspicious” market movements of the past three years Juventus: Juventus has been investigated for false accounting. President Andrea Agnelli, Vice-President Pavel Nedved and former manager Fabio Paratici, were targeted today at Tottenham by Guardia di Finanza. Guardia di Finanza has obtained documents at the club’s headquarters in Corso Galileo Ferraris, and these will be movements of around 50 million euros. The movements of the past three years have raised the suspicions of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, which on Thursday evening gave a mandate to the Guardia di Finanza to search the headquarters of the Juventus club.

The accusation is false accounting, false invoices and the president ended up in the crosshairs of suspects Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, former sporting director Fabio Paratici and three other executives and former Bianconeri directors in the financial field. The investigation, coordinated by prosecutors Mario Bandoni, Sirio Santorello and assistant Marco Gianoglio, comes after investigations were already launched weeks ago by Consop and Kovesoc. These investigations relate to the proceeds of the Players Rights Administration, and this is not the first time that the judiciary has encountered issues of this nature and then struggled to establish an absolute value for individual players. Various ratings, often inflated, by clubs.

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