How often do you change your pillowcases? Here’s what you’re getting into if you don’t follow this basic rule

How often do you change your pillowcases?  Here’s what you’re getting into if you don’t follow this basic rule

Changing pillow covers is essential but not everyone does it on time and this can have very serious implications.

So it’s not just sheets and linens, you have to do that Consider different timing Regarding pillowcases that is definitely one of the most vulnerable products because it comes into contact with the face, hair and eyes and therefore not only contains dirt, smog, bacteria and germs, but it may also become the space where everything spreads quickly until then. Affects the dermis.

Everyone usually changes sheets and pillowcases at the same time. This means that they do this on average once a week They are convinced that it is enough to keep the entire space intended for sleep and rest clean. This is not the case, they actually follow two different lines.

How often should pillow covers be changed: Everyone makes mistakes

The general average is Change pillowcases once a week, in addition to the rest of the home furnishings. This habit may turn out to be wrong because they do nothing else Germs and bacteria accumulate Which in fact easily attacks the skin of the face, causing inflammation and general damage.

Cushion covers basic rule for change (

Pillowcases do the trick An essential role not only in terms of hygiene, as can be seen precisely from the danger involved, but also regarding the beauty and maintenance of the hair which is directly affected by these details. It is no coincidence that many people usually use those made of silk or satin which are also less compromised from an aesthetic point of view and can certainly be a very useful option.

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In fact, according to specialists. Pillowcases should be changed at least twice a week In the winter period, which becomes once every two days at most, in the summer period you sweat and thus a greater number of germs and bacteria accumulate, which exposes your skin to serious danger. It is not only the frequency of washing that is important, but also how you proceed. Must have pillows Wash with a delicate productNot overly scented or aggressive.

While the rest of the body actually It is certainly more powerful and therefore does not have such a decisive effect When exposed to detergents and the like, facial skin becomes sensitive, which is why it must be treated differently. It is best to choose a disinfectant such as Marseille soap and a little baking soda in the washing machine. Everything will be completely clean and clean but also does not pose any risk of any repercussions and redness on the face.

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