Max Allegri after 1-1 with Fiorentina: “Happy with the draw. Vlahovic? I made more than 5 changes…”

Max Allegri after 1-1 with Fiorentina: “Happy with the draw. Vlahovic? I made more than 5 changes…”
Undefeated after 5 days, but not yet able to change pace in terms of gameplay. there Juventus also tied in Florence and go up to 9 points In the standings, Mattia thanked Perin for the 1-1 win over Franchi. Juventus goalkeeper Paragraph Actually Accuracy To Luka Jovic at the end of the first half and then saves the tie on the right with a lap Sufian Amrabat About 5′ from the end.

Max Allegriin the post-game for microphones dozenhe stated that his team, Juventus, was unable to play and closed in the first half, and erred in some clarity.”heavy balls‘, but he’s still satisfied with his fifth win in a row, and here are his full sayings.


Fiorentina – Juventus 1-1, Cards Report: Perin is decisive, Milik is in second

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About anger in the final

I was angry because I wanted the match to end and they were pushing. We had so many crosses and that shot on target that Perin made a good save. We could have made better use of some counter-attacks with their higher defense, but the match had to be closed in the first half. This is a change of mindset: these are heavy balls, you don’t get ten balls per match and in those moments the match gets bitten. Instead we weren’t able and that’s the only regret I can tell the boys. However, we tested positive, this is the fifth useful result in a row, and now we will prepare for the Champions League and the next two tournaments before the break.“.

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On the only shot on goal

Di Maria went out and I had to raise Cuadrado’s level as he suffers the most. Paredes, as long as it’s holding up, then I put the fagioli and meretti. I am very happy with the result. It’s normal to lower ourselves in the second half, but that kind of match in Florence can also be lost. Until we understand that Juventus football is different from that of all the other teams, with all due respect, we will receive goals like today. There the game changed, because then the games changed on a psychological level“.

On the management of the tenure

In addition to management, there were situations where we had to move the game and instead kept carrying the ball to the right without coming out the other side. There were two or three exciting occasions where it was enough to get into the area with the third pass, and instead we made a mistake. Having said that, I am still happy with the result“.

On the decline in the second half, as a constant in the season

We played with Di Maria who did two training sessions. Paredes practically arrived yesterday, Bonucci did half a training session and entered a quarter of an hour from the end. The other players played five games in a row every three days and that’s not easy either. Let’s take the plus: These games, in other situations, are likely to lose. Instead we had the chance to win it or at least go 2-0. Then we may have lost eh…“.

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Ali Vlahovic off the bench

I couldn’t make more than five changes. Alex Sandro had a problem with his glutes, so I took off Paredes because it was cooked and in the first half Di Maria was out. I’m not left to make two changes, I’ve put Ken who can probably give depth by himself. Vlahovic has rested and will be ready for the next matches“.

The “share” of the Scudetto

At the moment, it’s not very high, but it depends on the fact that some teams can start to quarrel (from Wins, editor). We hope you are!“.

Big regret instead Vincenzo Italiano: “Yes, yes, I lost two points and I am a mixture of anger and regret. In many situations where, in these matches, you have to take advantage of the great match you are in, and with an opponent on the ropes, you have to try to score, power up and get into the zone with several guys. I’m sorry, because we have to be able to score goals in such situations, where the crowd drags us, and also because we came from so many games without a goal and today we could have scored more than one goal. We left the performance despite not winning. Very well. If we keep doing the same, we will get some satisfaction“.

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