Pepe Furino hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage –

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The former Juventus flag is in serious (but conscious) condition at Santa Croce di Moncalieri. Nedved: We wish him good luck

Giuseppe Furino was taken to hospital, in serious condition. The Juventus flag between the seventies and the eighties is able to win 8 league titles in the white and black shirt, He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and is now in the stroke unit at Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri. According to what health sources have learned, his condition is stable despite its severity. Conscious, however, for the time being, the possibility of surgery would be ruled out.

The pain of Covid’s dead wife

Furino, 75, in March 2021 He just told Corriere della Sera His unspeakable pain for His wife, Irene, who died after contracting Covid, went missing: Unfortunately I think I was fat, taking the virus home. We all took in the family. But when we recovered, she began to have serious saturation problems. I haven’t seen her since I was in the hospital. I will never forget this immense pain. Juventus came down to the field thinking also about their old captain and Pavel Nedved wanted to say goodbye before the match: We heard and sorry, we wish him good luck because he is an idol player and I hope the boys get to perform well and win for him, he likes him ….

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