Siner-Medvedev Australian Open Final Live | Live: 3-6; 3-6; 2-1 Yannick asks the coach for help

Siner-Medvedev Australian Open Final Live |  Live: 3-6;  3-6;  2-1 Yannick asks the coach for help

Om 11:23 – Sinful Medvedev 3-6; 3-6; 1-1

Medvedev's third double fault arrived, but he did not lose his composure and, after an exchange along the line that Sinner closed with a long backhand, held the turn.

Om 11:19 – Sinful Medvedev 3-6; 3-6; 1-0

After a double fault, Yannick regained his confidence on the first serve and also hit the fourth serve with a score of 40-15. He finished at 30, leading for the second time in the entire match: it only happened in the first set, at first. He asked the corner several times what to do and how to change his playing style. At present, it does not appear that a solution has been found.

11.13 am – Medvedev and Concrete: Exciting statistics

After an hour and 26 minutes, Sinner, who has dropped just one set in the tournament so far (to Djokovic), found himself in the chase for the first time ever, down two sets. Technically prohibited undertaking. There is a statistic, by the way, that says Medvedev won 50 out of 51 hard court matches when he was one set ahead. The loss is obviously the aforementioned 2019 US Open final against Nadal.

Om 11:12 – Sinful Medvedev 3-6; 3-6

Yannick goes 0-30, finally taking control of the game. However, he conceded the equalizer after a poor second from Medvedev, who then curled the ball first into the middle for the team. Set point. Daniel also committing double faults is rare, which is worth it It denotes It was providence for the Red Baron, who also had a break point: he failed to convert it by missing a diagonal backhand, and Medvedev closed out the second set with a wonderful long streak.

Raw 11:06 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 3-5

Even if it looks like the set is over, Janick gets some oxygen from the break. In fact, with the new balls, he finds the first ace in the set (and third in the match), and the other first ace with a score of 30-15. He finished the match with 3 goals out of 4 and you can see the difference.

Raw 11:02 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 2-5 Controlbreak!

Two good returns from Jannik, who led 15-40 to see break chances for the first time: the tape helps Medvedev at first, but a forehand error gives Jannik the match.

Raw 10:59 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 1-5 break!

Ore 10:53 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 1-4

Medvedev's consecutive service points rise to 14: another scoreless match for him. Even without aces.

Raw 10:50 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 1-3 break

In fact, Sinner continues to haunt Medvedev, who always responds. He also showed problems with his serve against Kachanov, and now comes his first double fault of the match. Yannick then hits a forehand into the net It denotes, and was surprised by the forehand down the line for the tenth break point. Which he exploits with a forehand strike.

Ore 10:43 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 1-2

For the first time, Medvedev did not find a crushing blow in his turn, and this did not prevent him from winning the match to zero. The Russian's serve points rise to 10 in a row, and in any case he gave up three points in the first game alone (but there were no break points).

Raw 10:40 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6; 1-1

Sinner concedes four break points again (rising to 9), and enjoys a powerful uppercut from the Russian on one of them. Another saves him with a great short ball, and instead sends him on the counter-attack to the baseline. Then he went ahead with a wonderful shot and equalized with a furious slap.

Om 10:28 – Sinful Medvedev 3-6; 0-1

We start again with a Medvedev serve, a backhand down the fairway and one at the net by Yannick: it is the Russian who sets the pace, unlike in two of the last three previous matches. If they also throw another ace and a wide pass, the Russian will naturally keep the match scoreless (for the second time in the match).

Raw 10:22 – Sinner Medvedev 3-6 Medvedev break

The Russian is really aggressive today, and Sinner struggles with the first two points as he – once again – is unable to place the first point. After losing 15-40, he gave up two deciding points to his opponent: he canceled the first by committing a foul, and the second by extending the court well over the opponent who reached the net. Then they both go into the net and Daniel appears along the line and gets another goal, the sixth, which he easily converts. The first set closed at 36'.

Raw 10:17 – Sinner Medvedev 3-5

Medvedev goes to serve with new balls and hits two winners for the first time immediately, then misses a backhand, but closes the serve at 15 and with the sixth ace.

Raw 10:13 – Medvedev sinner 3-4

Raw 10:10 – Sinner Medvedev 2-4

The first long exchange Medvedev ends with a backhand into the net, and the second by expanding well on the court and ending with a cross that displaces Sinner; Outer ace, n. In 5 of the match, to take the lead again and win first 40-15 (82% vs. 40 for the Italian), a counterattack to close the score 4-2.

Raw 10:06 – Sinful Medvedev 2-3

The winning response for Medvedev's sixth point in a row, then Sinner with an effective first point finally finds the whole 15th, taking the Russian on the counterattack. Three more points followed at 2-3.

Raw 10:02 – Sinner Medvedev 1-3

Sinner serves a long shot at the bar, then gets hit with a third ace and first shot from Medvedev who concludes with another winner. The game to zero.

Raw 09:59 – Sinner Medvedev 1-2 Break Medvedev

The first very long exchange of the match, and as in the first match, the first 15 players go to Medvedev. Daniel then served another slow serve with a long return for 0-30 and another long serve error for Daniel's first three break points of the match. Yannick's first few are weak at the moment (30%, none in this game), which can still cancel out the first, but not the second.

Raw 09:54 – Siner Medvedev 1-1

Medvedev opens his first serve with an ace, followed by a forehand that is sent home after a deep center ball from Jannik; Then the second ace, and a blue foul for 40-15. However, the first double fault also comes, and a long backhand winner sends the match to the side. The tape favors the Russian the first time, the third ace wins the match.

Raw 09:50 – Siner-Medvedev 1-0

Beautiful backhand return from Medvedev who won the first 15 strokes on Jannik's second ball. Then the Italian begins to move his opponent and scores four consecutive points and the first ace.

Raw 09:47 – Siner-Medvedev 0-0

9.46am – Yannick will serve first

Sinner won the toss and elected to serve. Everything is ready for the 2024 Australian Open final.

9.44am – Warm-up begins

As is the case throughout the tournament, a green shirt for Medvedev, n. 3 in the world, and the gray and garnet shirt of Sinner, n. 4.

09.42am – After 10 years, a new name in Melbourne

09:38 – Sinner and Medvedev enter the field

09.36am – How should Sinner play against Medvedev

9.29am – It's all set at Rod Laver Arena

In front of nearly 15,000 spectators, Sinner and Medvedev prepare for a stunning final

09.28am – Medvedev and the Grand Slam finals

(Maria Strada) Former world number one Medvedev – who in the semi-finals managed to come back from two sets with two tiebreaks against Sascha Zverev – is one of the most “unlucky” players in recent history at the Grand Slam: born in Moscow on February 11, 1997, this is His sixth final, and the previous five came against the “Big Three” players. Two years ago in Melbourne, he came within touching distance of beating Rafael Nadal 3-0, and has undergone a sensational comeback, almost managing to upset the same Mallorca in 2019 in New York. His only Grand Slam win came in the Big Apple in 2021, against Novak Djokovic, who was trying to complete the Grand Slam.
These are Daniil Medvedev's finals:
US Open 2019, Australian Open, US Open 2021 (Vento), Australian Open 2022, US Open 2023.

09.21am – Who is the opponent?

Never give up Daniil Medvedev for death. In 2022, Russian Medvedev briefly ousted Djokovic from defeat. 1 in the world. characteristics? Great plays, a difficult character and also the forgotten “laziness”.

Who is Daniil Medvedev, Sinner's opponent in the Australian Open final?

09.15 am – Direct clashes and stalemate

09.06 AM – Who is your favourite?

(Gaia Picardy) will mark it in the calendar of existence with the little red circle (a reference to Rino Tomasi, who would have had great fun telling the story of the Red Baron's journey through the tennis heavens), this Sunday, January 28, 2024, Yannick Siner. Yannick arrives at the most important event of his sporting career (for the time being) from a perfect path, as he and his team left nothing to chance: 14:22 minutes time spent on the field (almost double Medvedev, 20:33 minutes), forced to resume matches with Rusuvuori, Hurkacz and Zverev by the skin of his teeth), losing only 59 games in six matches, accepting only two breaks (with Van de Zandschulp and Khachanov, zero with Djokovic!) and one set for the better, the Serbian fell to the semi-finals. Read the full service.

8.57am – Where to watch the big match at 9.30am

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