“Anielle used it, in the league they are starving”

“Anielle used it, in the league they are starving”

Turin – Those strong words Aurelius De Laurentiis, President naples, It was said in the dispatch report that investigates the investigation “Prism”. The first blue man gave an interview to Rai 3 revealing important background on the issue that keeps the black and white world worried, with special mention to the now ex-president of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli. “I used Mr. Agnelli because I needed him – De Laurentiis began –That he went up my ass to the funds, which was another nonsense. If there is a union between the chiefs to allow money into the league? All the hungry in the League, for a loaf of bread, would sell the next seven or eight years for a chest. lambs? I used it because obviously if he goes into a box, he’s not allowed to play in the Premier League, and that’s why he criticizes the boxes.”

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Allegri thanks Agnelli: “The results speak for him”

Prisma investigation, Juventus and Ronaldo case

Strong sayings De Laurentiis However, it is not the only prediction of what will be broadcast in the report. In Prisma’s poll, again at Juventus, the topic “Ronaldo card” also takes center stage. The deal that brought the Portuguese to black and white is brought to the attention of investigators, who are looking for accurate information about the deferred payment agreement for 19 million euros Anticipated by treatment with CR7. An anonymous lawyer close to the player said: “The private writing is there, but Ronaldo never signed it, he just signed it there Juventus. Why didn’t he sign it? Because he was wise.” In recent weeks, the player’s lawyers, Benno and Shehata, have submitted a request to recover the 19 million expected from his arrival in the country. Turin which await developments.

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