to Filippo Filteri – In recent days, the University of Calabria together with its Department of Mechanical Energy and Management Engineering have submitted an account of a cooperation agreement with sixteen municipalities of Calabria, together to tackle the serious problem of expensive energy, and move forward along the energy transition path. Exploitation of NRP resources, amounting to 2.2 billion, intended to finance the birth of the renewable energy community.

A dispersed presence in some media but then nothing more.

However, this is another sign of how the relationship between science and territory is growing but also to indicate the value of the university (in this case the university) that connects with and improves the world around it, among other things, on the ground such as the cost of energy and the increases we all find in Our electricity and gas bills.

The Department of Mechanical Energy and Management Engineering has actually begun the process of building the first renewable energy communities in Calabria to go beyond the goal of meeting the energy needs of local communities, significantly reducing costs for citizens, businesses and local authorities.

This is a broader initiative that we intend to build on Solidarity cooperation between local communities, For total energy production also supplied abroad the boundaries of the societies themselves.

Therefore, the renewable energy community, by producing energy beyond its own needs, can generate income for the community by contributing to the reduction of generation from fossil sources and the decarbonization of the energy system.

The goal is to give local people the opportunity to move from simple passive energy consumers to real exporters of a local resource such as precious solar energy, to generate economic resources for local development and, at the same time, contribute decisively to the energy transition.

Calabria currently produces 12,000 GWh/year of energy from conventional (almost exclusively gas-powered) thermoelectric plants which, with the exception of the part for internal needs, are destined for export to other regions (about 10,500 GWh/year) destined for export outside the region.

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Therefore, it is a great contradiction for a region like Calabria to be an important producer and source of energy from fossil sources despite the precious “mine” of renewable resources present on its territory. Precious resources in this dangerous energy situation, for the economy and above all to meet the basic needs of the many families in difficulty.

Reverse the trend of this phenomenon that sees Calabria as a large producer and source of energy using expensive gas, to turn into a large producer and source of renewable energy with the full participation of citizens and local administrations.

«The goal of the Department of Mechanical Energy and Management Engineering – says the professor. Danielle Minniti, Head of the Research Group for Electrical Energy Systems – is set to contribute with the municipalities to support the municipalities in the energy/environmental revolution that, from an energy point of view, should make Calabria the California of Italy ».

Therefore, the municipalities, the region and the university are moving synergistically with innovative tools that put citizens first, in this important fight against expensive energy, and concretely begin the stage of environmental / energy transition, realizing that decarbonization is a problem. global, but everyone must act locally, decisively and effectively to reduce adverse human impacts on the environment and climate.

“Action now before it is too late – adds Minty – is necessary to avoid relentlessly crossing the point of no return. Institutions, and above all, those closest to citizens such as municipalities, will be able to play a strategic role in helping to avoid a planetary catastrophe.” in Calabria The challenge has just begun and it seems that the conditions for making a real contribution to the transition are close. (And the)

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Meeting in the castle about renewable energies

“Calabria – according to President Roberto Okiotto – is an energy mine and in the past it was often produced for the benefit of large national and multinational companies with few advantages for Calabrians. In this area also, there is a need for a regional government that knows how to use the resources for the benefit of the citizens of Calabria before all Something by exploiting the opportunities that large companies can offer. However, in the present case, it is not about large companies, but about communities that can also be created on the initiative of smart and far-sighted local administrations and which will have the persuasive and decisive support of the region in this activity ” . A statement made on the sidelines of Monday’s meeting in Cittadella to present the opportunity for energy communities to mayors: “The Calabria region – as Okyoto noted – is already getting its hands on an energy plan that is very old and in need of integration”.

The initiative was attended by many mayors and representatives of the local Calabrian authorities. The meeting was attended by the State Undersecretary at the Ministry of Environmental Transformation. Ellaria Fontanamember of the regional council responsible for energy, Rosario Faro The deputy M5s Giuseppe Dipolito. “Renewable energy communities – Occhioto said – are used to produce energy and sell it for free so that we can intervene structurally to solve a problem that, in this period, affects the whole country and the region cannot deal with simply by giving contributions, those are actually beneficial to give to the state through laws The budget The region must prepare itself to try to solve the problem structurally.”

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Undersecretary for Environmental Transformation Ilaria Fontana (M5S) said: “We are facing an energy crisis. Friday in the Cabinet was approved the energy ordinance in which there is the beginning of a structural relationship to the energy problem. It is not enough. Certainly we need structural tools that touch different points at an angle. 360 degrees We saved 6 billion for the second quarter, that is, from March to June. We as M5S requested a budget skew to address the resource problem, which is an objective problem, in a more systematic way. Friday’s energy decree, which is not yet published in the Official Gazette, is Certainly a great start, but we still need to work on structuring and tackling the problem.And then there is a social problem: We are talking about an ecological transition that is also a social and moral transition, that no one should be left behind, and – concluded Fontana – that the most vulnerable cannot pay for Energy Communities, which are at the heart of the environmental transition, can be a medium and long-term solution to confronting the energy crisis we are experiencing.This is a very powerful tool, and it is essential in terms of our moment of life, but also to confront this energy pandemic that is overwhelming us. Energy communities are also part of the NRP with a fund that covers municipalities of up to 5,000 residents, but there is already a well-defined regulatory framework in place.”

President Okyoto highlighted how the government invested 10 billion plus another 6-7: “I hope – the governor said – there is a budget gap to deal with the emergency. But my job is to think of structural solutions for our region ». (RCZ)

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