Garcia: “This is how I see Lindstrom and how Osimhen’s recovery is progressing. The goalkeeper…”

Garcia: “This is how I see Lindstrom and how Osimhen’s recovery is progressing. The goalkeeper…”

Osimhen “He has permission from the club, I heard it through a message: the doctors are managing him, they are assuring me that he respects the programme, that everything is fine and that he will be with us next week. But, whether it is Osimhen or Rousseau, he cannot play.” “I’m just focusing on who’s there.”

Surrender to the Scudetto – “We have come a quarter of the way to the championship, and we have three quarters to return to those in front of us.”

Lindstrom – “He had space: the winger has to be decisive with assists or goals, and removing the place of Caffara and Politano is complicated for others. They can’t play 90 minutes, so when someone comes in his place, he has to prove decisive, not” . “Just probing. Then there’s also the defensive phase, and the winger also has to help the team: he’s improving a lot in that regard.”

Changes with Milan “It was not a penalty, it was to improve the team and the players know that: I could have made other choices, and I understand that when you lose 0-2 and change two defenders, it is special, but the match showed that it was.” “The right choice is to have different players.”

Rotate the goalkeeper – “Things are clear: Meret is No. 1 and Giulini is No. 2. But I have to say that, apart from the injury, since my arrival, I am very happy that the managers were able to ensure that Pierluigi stays with us this year. “We have three strong goalkeepers. Pierluigi deserves to play some games, we’ll see if there’s a chance: but Alex is back to a great level and that’s not the case. But I sleep peacefully.”

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