The Innovative USB Charging Cable We All Should Use

charging andPower supply via USB It’s been the norm for some time now and more and more devices have a USB port, most recently USB-C. Thanks to the Power Delivery standard, in fact, it is now possible to connect via a USB cable as well Great electrical power in complete safetyBecause the device and the charger communicate with each other. So there will be no danger overload the device With a lot of energy or to burn it as the voltage and current strength will be determined automatically to ensure the maximum charging speed in complete safety.

The problem, rather, is that he’s now back home We are full of USB chargers Of different strengths and often we do not use the standard to operate a smartphone, tablet or other devices. The danger, in these cases, is not being able to make use of the maximum charging power the device supports, or worse, making the device run at less force than usual risk damaging it. The last case occurs when the power supplied by the charger is only slightly less than what is required: the device sometimes agrees to turn on and work, but in the end Crashes and stops every now and then. To avoid all these unpleasant situations, there is a smart system that also costs very little: use a USB cable with LCD screen.

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USB cable with LCD screen: how it’s done

It is very easy to explain the cable in question: it is a normal USB-C cable for charging, but Of the good and the resistantequipped at the end connected to the device B Small LCD screen Thanks to it we can read in real time How many watts do they pass? From charger to device.

Thanks to this screen, we can immediately understand whether Insufficient power supply To make the device work well, or if “slow“Because it saves a few Watts to recharge. In this particular case, the maximum charge supported is pretty good 100 wattsSo the cable is unlikely to be a bottleneck for current flow.

Using a cable of this type, we can understand whether the phone or tablet is so Low card recharge And this is very useful information: if we are sure that the charger is the correct one, in fact, it means that the battery to recharge getting old.

If with charger A the devise is not workingAlternatively, it is probably not the right charger and with the LCD screen we can quickly understand the power it is providing.

Of course, like all USB-C cables, this one can also be used in normal mode Data transfer From PC to smartphone and vice versa.

USB cable with LCD screen: How much does it cost

The great thing about a USB cable for an LCD monitor is that it costs no more than a good regular cable. The list price is actually 12 euroswhich is not much at all considering that it is a strong cable with a length of 1.2 meters and is able to withstand a power of 100 watts without problems.

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100W USB charging cable with LCD screen

100W USB charging cable with LCD screen

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