February 5, 2023

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Paulo Fox’s Horoscope for 2023, Predictions with Sign: “Humble Scorpios, Recovering Taurus and Cancer Newcomers”

There are Aries, Taurus, Leo…and then what? No, not a unicorn. But Zodiac Fox. only he: Paolo Foxastrologer and TV personality on the track since 1982, when Paolo Villaggio wanted it with him on a TV show Odeon TV. And few know that his stage name is a translation, pasi pari, of his personal details: in fact, he was born in 1961 in Rome as Paolo Volpi. Also this year, the traditional year-end gift was released, a book of astrological predictions simply titled “Paolo Fox Horoscope 2023”. Lots of advice on love, work, fitness and married life. Month after month, signature by signature. Long gone are the discussions that followed his forecast for 2020, when he called it “a good year for travel and mobility, especially in January and May.” But then covid arrived and getting around became almost impossible. It was even talked about sunday in Targeted, Paulo defended himself with wit and irony: “Ask virologists, not astrologers about Covid. We talk about zodiac signs, not magicians.” Then he asked sarcastically: “But in the end you burn me at the stake?” No fire either because he was right. Whatever one thinks of horoscopes, the pandemic is sure to defy any possible prediction. But what will 2023 look like? Here all predictions are ticked.

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