‘So they broke up’, shocking revelations about the split between William and Kate

‘So they broke up’, shocking revelations about the split between William and Kate

A breakup that was little known, but it happened twice: the dramatic story of William and Kate

The royal family also has very interesting back stories behind their relationships and they don’t always come to the surface right away. However, what has emerged about the Dukes of Cambridge is incredible.


a path Kate Middleton to join Royal family It was very curvy and long. The courtship with William lasted for more than 9 years before he was able to wear the wedding ring and obtain his noble title, unlike Meghan Markle Which is only a year old Harry.

Their love story begins in St. Andrew’s, at the College of Art History where he was also William: The two become friends instantly, in particular Kate Is this the friend who William He knew he could count at any time. Only in January 2002 there was an impact in their relationship, when the Duchess showed underwear for charity. blind beauty KateAnd the William Take a step towards it.

Kate and William have split twice: Revelation

Kate and William
Kate Middleton and William (Instagram)

Before marriage In the 2011There was a long journey for the two of them to face, during which they broke up several times. After the kiss of the paparazzi 2005Two years later, it was William To end the relationship during a phone call while Kate was at work claiming: “We can’t go on, it won’t work and this relationship isn’t good for you”. No one took this breakup very well, except for the Duchess herself, who began to travel the world to forget her handsome prince.

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However, as the royal biographer revealed Katie NicoleAnd the William He asked for a break even earlier, in 2004, when he described their relationship as “claustrophobia.” Everyone was so familiar with their vicissitudes, that they argued together: “Leaving us never made me happy, but it was something that made us stronger. It was just a way to take some space, and in the right perspective, it worked out perfectly”.

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