Moratti, ‘Government’s distrust of science offends thousands of victims’

Moratti, ‘Government’s distrust of science offends thousands of victims’

Milan, 31 December. (Adnkronos) – “The blatant distrust of science on the part of the government is depressing. It is an attitude that kills researchers, doctors, nurses, technicians, civil protection, the army and the millions of volunteers who sacrificed themselves in the vaccination campaign. On top of that it all feels like a slap in the face to the millions of citizens who have been vaccinated with sense A great patriot and a responsibility.” And so in the memorandum of Letizia Moratti, the civilian candidate for the presidency of the Lombardy region, with the support of the Third Pole, the stigmatization of the decisions of the Executive and the Chamber of Deputies.

The decree approved in Montecitorio that reinstates health workers who are not subject to violence, prohibits fines and abolishes the green corridor “is unacceptable – says Moratti -. And I support all those parliamentarians, especially the parliamentarians of the majority and the Forza Italia group, who have not approved a decree confirming dangerous contradictions of sinister choices, while at the same time sounding the alarm of contagion.” After all, “even for airports, the call for checks also for temporary stops and for those who arrive from China not only with direct flights has not fallen on deaf ears. The grave lack of responsibility, which – he concludes – offends the thousands of Covid victims that have marked our country, especially Lombardy.” “.

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