Ainette Stevens is a seductive hottie!

Ainette Stevens is a seductive hottie!

Aynette Stevens is a sight to behold: the showgirl who’s leaving everyone gasping with the latest photo posted on social media

Born in 1982, Ainette Stevens is one of the most beloved Italian showgirls. Since her role as “The Black Cat” on the occasion of the program “Mercante in Fiera” broadcast on Italia 1 in 2006.

Powerful shot by Ainette Stevens (Instagram) –

A woman with generous curves, Ainett returned to the limelight with her participation in Big Brother VIP In 2021, she will be appreciated by the public for her frankness and friendliness as well as for her beauty that has always been recognized by everyone. The showgirl is also very active on social networks, especially on Instagram where she often shares moments from daily and professional life with her fans. The last shot sees her in a relaxing moment, sipping tea in a very seductive outfit.

The Venezuelan beauty shared a post consisting of two photos showing her sipping tea, accompanying everything with the phrase: “Tea is served at 5pmAmong the hashtags used to accompany the post, there is also #lagattaneraWhich shows how she remains connected to the role that launched her into the world of Italian entertainment.

Aynette Stevens leaves everyone breathless: amazing curves

a The physique is truly breathtaking That of Ainet who was immortalized in a very short, low-cut dress that really showed off her shapely curves. A model who is over six feet tall and has a really generous A-side. Inet, Married to businessman Nicola Radici since 2015. He also participated in the film “My Friends – How It All Began” directed by Neri Parente.

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“Hot” Tea by Aynette Stevens (Instagram) –

With more than Half a million followers on InstagramThe girl was able to win the affection and admiration of a large segment of the Italian public. The affection that came to her first because of her beauty, then by also introducing herself from a personal point of view and telling her story in depth while participating in GF Vip.

The South American model has repeatedly stated that she is very careful about her diet to stay fit, and also focuses a lot on sports, especially walking and the gym. The girl’s fans are waiting to know when they will be able to see Ainet again on television with the Venezuelan, who is waiting for the return of new projects as a hero on the small screen.

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