Mercedes E: A classic car revamped in 2023

Mercedes E: A classic car revamped in 2023

Next year will witness the debut of the new generation of Mercedes E class which will be available in dealerships from September 2023. What is more traditional than cars with the star will only be offered in sedan or wagon version: so the coupe and cabriolet will disappear, replaced by the CLE (here to know more).

over there Mercedes E class (code name W214) should maintain a length of about 495 cm and a classic style, which you see in our reconstruction based on spy photos (in the drawing above). Therefore, there will be no major revolutions from a stylistic point of view. The proportions of the Mercedes E-Class will remain virtually unchanged, with major innovations concentrated at the front, where there is a larger grille and undulating headlights with a black insert inspired by the electric EQE. At the rear, a new fascia and redesigned lights are expected. Good news inside the passenger compartment, as Mercedes seems to be giving up space with center screen They are placed vertically, and are used for newer models, in favor of a more classic position in accidental.

> Above spy photos of the dashboard and front without the pervasive camouflage Instagram.

drives Mercedes E classAll hybrids are an evolution of their predecessors. The range of engines should follow that of its sister C-class, with a 4-cylinder 2.0 turbo petrol and diesel with different levels of electrification. For plug-ins, there is talk of an electric range of 100 km. The sporty AMG could lose the V8 engine, in favor of a hybrid system, based on a four-cylinder hybrid engine, capable of 680 hp. There is a wealth of electronic systems, which makes the new E-Class compliant with Level 3 autonomous driving (in countries where it is permitted).

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