Party of 43 women and men of miracles

Party of 43 women and men of miracles

2024 is here in full force and any reason to celebrate turns into a party. Proof of this are the two loud Christmases, with distinguished guests and lots of fun, that were celebrated this week. One in Barcelona and the other in Madrid. Aquarium and aquarium. The first is a beautiful Seville man married to a man from Publique, and the second, a man from Castellón who lives between the capital and the Catalan capital, but succeeds all over Spain.

It is true that one would have liked to have been present at Anna's party. Yes, from Ana Fernandez, creative director of La Troop, but no, not even her husband, actor and businessman Joan Gracia, was invited. Of course, we can see from the angle that 43 women attended, all of them with a lot of glamor and a desire to have a good time. We have seen the person who remains number one, which is Judit Masco, or Camino Quiroga, Vina Navarro, Mariona Ferran, Candela Tivon, Clara Riera, Eva Soldevilla, Olga de Minchin Tomás, Mónica Planas, Beluca Echegaray and, of course, her. Lively friends newly arrived from Seville. The best of every home comes together at Gala Restaurant, in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample.

It was a well-deserved tribute, we don't know how old he was, but everyone in attendance had a great time. There was laughter, dancing, music, gifts and even an astrologer who predicted the future for many of them. Especially the aquariums there.

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There was also a final surprise in the form of a gorgeous flower cake created by Stellis Cakes and brought out by their daughters Carlotta and Giulietta. The pastry chef is only 26 years old, called Stella Cole.

And I cannot forget the presence of his companion, photographer Elizabeth Serra, who gave a wonderful report on this very special night. There were also Alura's Anna Toro and former model Celia Forner, who gave them all highlighters to make them look pretty.

What we did say was that they had a good time and that they laughed like never before and that none of those present remembered their husbands. Congratulations, Anna!

On the other hand, it's been a week since the Man of a Thousand Faces celebrated his 45th birthday in style and he still has some dinner on the agenda. I mean, of course, Carlos Lutter. To the great Carlos Latter. The person who has no one. Funny, lovable, passionate being and lover of the world of gastronomy and wine. Well, this Latri, who imitates Ferran Adria like no other, was at two of the most popular parties held in Madrid this week and ended up being the protagonist in both. One of them occurred at the Royal Mail Office in the capital. Well, yes, in the house of Ayuso there has been a noticeable decline of Catalans associated with the world of gastronomy. From chefs Ferran Adrià, Nando Jobani and Joan Roca to Roser Torras. At the post office, everything was going normally and happily until at twelve o'clock at night, coinciding with his birthday, he got on the stage and started singing. It was impressive. as always.

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A day later, at the restaurant owned by Chef Rafa Zafra in the capital, he continued his private birthday party. There he met another Catalan businessman who was interested in paddle tennis. Well, yes, Danny Homedes, along with actress Eva Longoria, is a member of the padel team who recently competed in the Six-Man Tournament cup In Madrid Homedes is a former tennis player who currently lives in Miami and is the partner of Barcelona actress and model Jana Pérez. Finally, birthdays should be celebrated as they deserve. Congratulations, Carlos.

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