June 5, 2023

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Meghan Markle and her “revenge restyling”, the new look sparks discussion: “Botox and straight hair to hide King Charles”

It looks like a little restyling is underway for Meghan and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed

New color, new design and maybe some “modifications” Meghan Markle. According to experts, the Duchess of Sussex made a small restyling with the aim of restoring her image. So here it is, the dark, wavy hair giving way to a very soft light brown hair (which reminded a lot of her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s hair) and the face very narrow, with cheekbones appearing more intense. Merit – perhaps – to some “tingling” Botox and/or fillers, as we read in the tabloids.

According to an expert on Never dailyl, Megan’s new image “is that of a sexy yet strong, independent, self-confident and above all uncompromising woman”. On this occasion, a reference to Princess Diana could not be missing: if she is “in the dress of revenge”, then Meghan is revenge turnedThe new look was – by the way – just dazzling A few days before the coronation of King Charles IIIOn the occasion of his speech to Maysan Harriman at Ted Talk 2023, in which he participated virtually with a video message. For the occasion, Meghan has turned to an old friend, the photographer who has already taken many pictures of her and her husband Harry over the years. Needless to say, many immediately called it an obvious gesture of defiance for her father-in-law: “He wants to steal his back,” is the frequent comment on the web.