What is this “magic button” in the car? “You can undo the accident.”

What is this “magic button” in the car?  “You can undo the accident.”

What is this “magic button” in the car? “You can undo the accident.”CC0

the Cars Continue to integrate mission All kinds, which help facilitate driving responsible And make sure comfort For the driver and his companions. this development Appreciated in buttons From the car dashboard, which within decades Multiplied Thus this led to the fact that users I don't know Some of their stuff and ask about social networks.

This is exactly what one user asked in a Facebook post, to which another Internet user jokingly replied: “If the car has incidentPots Cancel download The accident does Click On this button.” The screenshot of this conversation accumulates more than 6000 likes On Twitter within a few hours.

“air recycling”

Among the air conditioning modes there is such a little-known thing as “air recycling” (Car code B Arrow inside it). This option allows you to choose where to collect them Region who enters the system Breathing Where is it spread? In other words, you can choose whether the air used is from or notthe outside oh l'Interior From the car

It must be activated when driving in areas with High pollution, It stinkswith pols s smoking. So, by Recycling You can continue to useadaptation Without endangering air quality inside From the car.

The specialized portal also appears NewmotorThis system is also useful insummer Or days with high temperatures. In these cases, activation is recommendedadaptation Then, turn on Recycling When the air starts coming out unique. In this way, it is not only possible to reduce Temperature Inside the car, however Fuel is saved. This process can also be used in reverse at times unique Like winter, warm the car with The heating And activate recycling when the temperature is already reached desired.

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However, experts recommend no Keep this mode active more than Ten minutessince the aforementioned period To renew The air inside the car.

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